Gideon X

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NAME: Gideon X
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
: Tactical / Security
SPECIES: Human/?
AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 175 lbs
HOME: Earth
INTERESTS: He enjoys the theater and has acted in a number of productions since he was in High School.

One of his favorite hobbies is spending time in the holodeck, but he also enjoys playing chess, tennis and swiming.

In addition, he is an avid reader of everything from professional psychlogy journals, to the Bible, to thriller novels from around the galaxy and almost any other thing all with equal enthusiasm.

He has been on debate teams through out his scholastic career.
FAMILY HISTORY: Gideon's father is unknown. His mother was a human who was killed while fleeing the Romulan Neutral Zone during a severe ion storm. A Federation ship, the USS Exeter was patrolling the area and caught in the same ion storm. They were able to transport both Gideon and his mother aboard the Exeter before the ship carrying them was destroyed. The pilot of the vessel, which may or may not have been Gideon's father was not so lucky. His body was never recovered.

His mother was just barely alive when she was brought aboard and there was nothing the Exeter medical staff could do to save her. With her dying breath she named him Gideon. At first he was known on board ship as Gideon X (for X-factor/mystrey), but would later take the surname Exeter in honor of the ship that rescued him.

No one on the Exeter wanted to see him placed in an orphange so he spent his formative years on board ship.

No one knows if his abilities(which manifested shortly after puberty)had something to do with his unknown father, the ion storm or some other cause. Scans of his DNA appear to be fully human, but there are some anomonlies that make the results inconclusive.

While Gideon loved have preferred to stay on board and could have completed his education there, it was decided that it would be best for him to spend time on earth with kids around his own age.

Growing up on the Exeter coupled with his unique abilities allowed him to grow up and mature more quickly. So with the help of the Exeter's captain petinioning Star Fleet and the civilan authorities on earth, he was declared an emanicpated minor when he turned 15 and was allowed to live on his own.

He did a lot of research on the ship's computers and decided he wanted to move to the Phoenix Arizona area (he hates the cold)and was dropped of there when the Exeter was stationed there for a refit, on Gideon's sixteenth birthday.
EDUCATION: Westminister High School Phoneix AZ General Studies

UCLA BA. Psychology
University of California: Berkeley MA. Zeno Psychology Master's Thesis: Compartive Psyhological Make Up of Federation races
CAREER HISTORY: While completing his Master's Degree Gideon also attended Star Fleet Academy where he took courses in both psychology and intelligence
SPECIALTIES: Gideon is very emphatic and intituitive.
He is able to read emotions and the surface thoughts of indviduals when he is in close proximity to them and if he touches them he can read their deepest thoughts.
He also has a very unique ability, he is able to duplicate himself into any individual he meets.

If he is able to touch them or be in close proximity to them, he absorbs some of their memories and peronality. He does not aborb the person, he is just a copy, the indvidual he duplicates is not affected and is still around. Currently he can only maintain the duplicaton for a limited amount of time. For humans a matter of days, perhaps as much as a week, the further another race is in appearance and DNA, the shorter the period of time he can maintain the image.

In addition, the race must be humanioid. He could not become a Horta, a Q or any creature of a similar nature.
He has a black belt in Akidio and Kung Fu

He also is a skilled linguist. He speaks Federation Standard, Vulcan and Romulan fluently, Cardasian well and Klingon and Bajoran enogh to get by.
MEDALS: 2011-08-31

Quietus Medal of Honor

HISTORY: Character Created - January 22, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Magistrate - January 27, 2011
Promotion on USS Magistrate - March 12, 2011 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medal Given on USS Magistrate - August 31, 2011
Character Removed from USS Magistrate - May 14, 2014