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NAME: T'Janik
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
EMAIL: chris@xxxx.xxx
: Science
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 5'10
HAIR COLOR: Med Auburn
HOME: Earth
INTERESTS: In his spare time he enjoys mystery novels, both modern and classic and Eighteenth Century English Literature. He owns two original Charles Dicken's works: Bleak House and A Tale of Two Cities and would like to collect more.

He also likes chess

He can also be a bit of a practical joker.

He speaks Federation Standard, Vulcan and Romulan fluently, with a smattering of Klingon and Ferangi as well.
FAMILY HISTORY: His father Kerith was an astro-physcist, his mother M'Ara was a xeno-biologist and both taught for several years at the Vulcan Science Academy. Yet both had a desire to explore new lives and new civilizations. So when T'Janik was five they joined Star Fleet and along with T'Janik were assigned to the USS Valkrye. Two years later while on shore leave at Star Base 83 they were both killed.

At first it appeared that it was a murder/suicide but that was quickly ruled out. There were four merchant ships (two Ferangi, one Klingon and one unknown)in orbit along with the Valkrye, two other Federation ships and a Bajorian science ship.

The murderer and their motive were never discovered, though it was rumored that his father was working on a secret project that may or may not have had the approfval of Star fleet and there were also rumors that his mothe was a Romulan spy. T'Janik's only close realtive, his father's brother Kerion felt the detahs brought dishonor to the family and would not take T'Janik in.

Captain Ben Grimm, his father's commander, felt sympathy for him and adoopted him and sent him to live on Earth (London) where his family was stationed.

T'Janik was welcomed by Ben's wife Sarah and his adopted brothers Seth, Asa and Josiah and their sister Amy and treated as though he was their actual blood brother. He loved his adopted family and viewed them as blood realtives as well.

For all intents and purposes T'Janik grew up Human. He has read a great deal of Vulcan philsophy and has spent time around Vulcan instructors at the Academy and at other schools, but he is sill struggling to control his emoitions and balance the two cultures. He can be quick tempered at times and there is an underlying sense of vengenge driving him. He wants to find out who killed his parents and why and bring them to justice. preferably at T'Jarik's own hand. Despite Captain Grimm's determination to protect him, he could not stay earth-bound. Both his curiosity about space and the need to see his parents avenged drove him to apply to Star Fleet Academy.

While some, especially Vulcans would consider his penchant towards emotionalism to be a weakness, it is in many ways a strength. He is very intutive and is able to capture the best (and sometimes the worst)in both cultures.

T'Janik's first assingment was to Star Base 68. Six months into his stay there he was granted a leave so he could attend his father's retirement party which was to be held in London. T'Janik was delayed in arriving at the Red Griffon Pub where the party was to take place, because he had stopped to aid a victim of a mugging.

The pub was destroyed by a terrorist bomb. His entire family, except for his sister who was on Vulcan and could not make it back, were killed, along with other Star Fleet personnel and his sister's boss Matt Riker who was the CEO of Trans-Galaxy Communication. Star Fleet has a number of theories (including that T'Janik had something to do with it-the mugging victim has not been found). So they have assigned T'Janik to the Magistrate to keep him from investigating(because he is too close to the situation)and to keep an eye on him.

Plus Captain Jarsh did request a science officer and he certainly qualifies.
EDUCATION: Mill Hill School(High School) London, England
General Studies

Oxford University BA Chemistry
Masters of Science:Xeno Biology with a concentration in toxiclogy.
Master's Thesis:Naturally Toxic Plants Effect Of Humanoid Brain Chemsitry

Star Fleet Academy
BA: Forensics with a double minor in
Criminal Investigation and Compartive Cultures

University of California at San Francisco PhD. Trans Cultural studies
Disortaion:A History Of Romulan/Vulcan's Conflicts And Its Efect On Indeginous Cultures.

At the Academy he was on the Debate team where he served as Captain his senior year and did well in intrmural sports, especially those involving hand eye cordination, but he didn't go out for any inter-colegite sports.
CAREER HISTORY: T'Janik graduated from the Academy while at the same time was completing his Doctorate at USF.

There was an incident at the Academy in his Junior year. There was an Andorian upper-classman that had been bullying under-classman(including T'Janik)for three years making their life misreable. One day someone put an unknown substance in the Andorian's dinner. The toxin was not fatal, nor did it do any real damage, but the Andorian did have the runs for three days and was in the infirmary for two. It was suspected. but never proven that T'Janik because of his expertise in toxiclogy was the one that planted the substance. However there were no further incidents of the Andorian bullying anyone and he eventually straightened himself out and was graduated.
SPECIALTIES: He has a near edietic memory and has diverse interests. Because of his own duo-nature, he is fascinated by how man (all humanoid races)interact with their enviornment and each other and has studdied it from both a psycholical or socialiogcal perspective and a phyisolgocal perspective.

He has a black belt in Jujutsu. He chose this martial art because he liked the philsophy of using an opponet's strength against them.

He thinks fast on is feet and generally trys to talk his way out of a situation, even if it means "shading the truth" a bit.

He has almost a sixth sense about when someone is lying and uses their body language and overall demeanor to "read" them and has natural understanding of deductive reasoning.

He knows which end of a phaser to point and generally hits what he aims at but he is by no means an expert marksman.
HISTORY: Character Created - January 22, 2011