Raiana Dahl

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NAME: Raiana Dahl
RANK: Civilian -- Civilian
EMAIL: thunderhawk@xxxx.xxx
: Civilians
SPECIES: El-Aurian
AGE: 551
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 9
WEIGHT: 124 Lbs.
HOME: El-Auria - Destroyed in 2293
INTERESTS: She often Drawing/Doodling when thinking and wears a smile as if it is a perfectly placed Mask. Raiana loves collecting candles, sculptures and other pieces of art. She likes swimming, diving, rock climbing and listening to music.
FAMILY HISTORY: No would could have understood what it was like to be El-Aurian, a vagabond who homeworld El-Auria was destroyed by the Borg in 2293. Only a handful of her species survived.

Raiana and her family escaped the chaos and destruction of their home world on the SS Lakul; one of two transport ships. The same SS Lakul which was later recued by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B. The Enterprise found them trapped in a powerful gravimetric field emanating from the trailing edge of the energy ribbon.

Prior to and after that life changing tragic event Raiana spent most of her life traveling, and learning from those around her. It was easy for her and her kind to blend in wherever she went, little did she know this would later lead her into a career path later in her life.

After the destruction of El-Auria, her people saw the end of their species, in fact they were becoming extinct. So they tried not have that happen and began to bond El-Aurians to other El-Aurians. Even those who were not yet born they soon were bonded with someone in hopes of sustaining the line of their species.

Raiana was no exception, twenty-six years ago in the year 2338 she to was bonded with somoene. Only her life mate wasn't yet born, she bonded her soul to his even while he was still in his mother's womb. She was the one who named him... Gideon, which meant "Mighty warrior," or "Hero".

Life and tragedy seemed to follow Raiana, first the her father died, then years later her mother. Toppled with the feeling of not complete as she waited for the day she would be by the man would be there with her until her last days. She knew he was part human, it scared her to think she might out live him to.

As days turned into time it became clear that she and Gideon might not be together. Gideon's parents all but vanished.

Raiana turned to try and find something to fill the void, where she found that was the Covert Operations of Starfleet Marine Corp's Civilian Branch, she entered in hopes of finding something to fill the void.

Her schooling was nothing special, truthfully she struggled because of the absence of her bonded mate. Considering all that she did aright. Nothing special just managed to stay the course.

Her first assignment was unique one, to spy on the Romulans and keep Starfleet Intelligence informed, the assignment took her to Romulus and later on on board a Romulan Warbird as lounge manager.

Once her assignment was over she headed to returned stars, and the tried to regain some normalcy in her life but part of her still felt incomplete. Using her contacts she began to search for the family of her bonded mate in hopes of one day feeling complete.
EDUCATION: Most of Raiana's educational background is unrecorded, but what is known is in the year of 2356 she entered the Marine Intelligence Division of Starfleet Intelligence. Though when it came time for her to become an officer within the Starfleet she declined.
CAREER HISTORY: The only recorded assignment was as civilian Intelligence officer of the Covert Operations division of Starfleet Marine Intelligence. Her primary assignment was the Romulan Star Empire, of which she has been living and serving among the Romulan people for the past ten years.

Currently she classified within the Covert Operations Division of the Marine Intelligence Civilian Corp. No one but those in the Marine Intelligence Civilian Corp has access to her service with the CODMI.
SPECIALTIES: Raiana fluent in languages, Mixed Martial Arts from various cultures, and, Engineering Sciences. Because of her strong skills in those fields she was drafted into the Covert Affairs, because of her telepathic and Intuitive & Disarming Personality.

Ana as she is known by close friends is someone who has strong empathic, intuitive and telepathic skills of her people. Also like the other traits of El-Aurians people find it easy to talk around her and are comforted by a calming presence she seems to have around her.

HISTORY: Character Created - February 15, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Magistrate - February 25, 2011
Character Removed from USS Magistrate - May 14, 2012