Gein Garret

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NAME: Gein Garret
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
SIMULATION: Shattered Universe
ASSIGNMENT: Chief Science Officer
DEPARTMENT: Ghost Rider - Science
SPECIES: Betazoid / Bajorian
AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 5ft 10 inch
EYE COLOR: dark blue
HOME: Beta Zeta V
INTERESTS: archeology , mountain climbing, painting, and piloting
FAMILY HISTORY: In 2328, Mollari Garret had launch private own ship called, "Prophet's hand". He had design Prophet's hand as long range science vessel. Mollari plan on five year mission of exploration. During his mission, He fell in love with Kira Reys and marry the young scientist. In 2333, they discovered Cardassian Union had invaded Bajor. The crew of Prophet's hand didn't have home world to return to but they had home on the ship.

In 2335, Mollari and Kira had concived a son call, "Grey Garret". Grey was the first 3 sons. In 2355, He had join the bajor resistance against the wish his parents. Today, Grey is Major General in the Bajoran Militia.

In 2339, Mollari and Kira had conceived a son call, "Krag Garret". The Garret family had settle Beta Zeta V.Krag was like his father and want to build. In 2359, He had design and build his first ships and marry Betazoid woman name,"Gelny Gein".Krag had change his last name to Gein and they had a son name,"Garret Gein". Between 2360 to 3366, Krag sent plan for ships and weapons design to the resistance. In 2373, Gein family use Prophet's Dream to travel from Beta Zeta to Bajor. Unfortunately, a Borg Cube heading to Sol system notice them and sent small team of Drones. The drone's mission was to assimilation the ship then covertly locate and assimilation Enterprise crew. After rescue his son. He was eject his self and all Borg when they try to assimilate him.

In 2350, Mollari and Kira had concived a son call, " Mollari Garret".Mollari had join the Bajoran resistance with blessing his family In 2368.Today, He is a captain of Militia ship called "Uss Sisko".

Gelny Gein was born in 2338 on Beta Zeta V. Gelny and Krag had been childhood friend who fallen in love. Two years after her sons birth, she began her study to become a doctor and xenobiotogist while her husband study engineering..Gelny and her family live on Beta Zeta was fill with love. After Bajoran was free from Cardassian, most ofl Garret family had move to Bajor. Gelny and Krag had decided to move Bajor until Garret was 18. They had agree it was important for their son to know both their cultures. Unfortunately, the Borg had change their plans when they try to assimilation them and their crew.Krag had design the ship prevent hostile take over of ship..the hull of the Profit's dream had reflective armor which prevent transporting directly in to the ship exception transport room, cargo bay, and shuttle bay. The hull also made difficult for tractor beam hold the ship. Krag had been thinking about pirates when he built the ship. Borg had stealthy enter their cargo bay . Two days later, Garret had discover the Borg and they began assimilation process which alert Gelny to Borg present. She had been telepathic link to her son and felt the attack. Once Krag knew Borg he jam thier connection to the collective. Moments later, Gelny use her telepthic to link with husband to free Garret's mind from the Borg. Once free from Borg control, Garret was able to lock the borg in cargo bay then he collapso in the empty shuttle bay. Garet's Parents rush down to shuttle with arm escort. When they had arrive the Borg had override the door. krag order two of his men to take his child and wife out there. He and the rest his escort fire on the Borg while his wife and child went to med bay. During the battle, the Borg, Krag, and esort eject in space.


Due to half-Betazoid heritage subject has partial telepathic abilities. He has the ability to connect to another psychic and follow that empathic bond to its source. Empathic bonds are limit to sensing person presence,truth, and their emotions. The range empathic bond varies by the other pyschic's abitities. Empathic bonds with non-pyschic is limit to 60 foot radius.

Subject can communicate telepathically with other psychic with those very close to them. in short, he is limit to communication and doesn't have any other telepathic abilities such as reading a mind or sharing thoughts. However, subject has natural mental shield as result of abnormal REM frequency different from that batazoid and most other humanoid. When subject is unconscious, the mental shield limit range of mental contact of most psychic to a distance between 5 to 10 feet. The subject may or may not become aware of the bond depending on the level and type of bond. The mental shield limits bonds from other psychics to line of sight and distance between 5 to 10 feet. Subject's empathic and telepathic abilities are suppressed when his mental shield is active.

Mental Evaluation

Garret is emotional stability. However, it is not recommend should be place positions were he would encounter the Borg. The death of his father as result of the Borg may make him liability during any mission against Borg.

EDUCATION: 2379 Biochemistry Bajorian Academy of Science
2379 Organic chemistry Bajorian Academy of Science
2380 xenobiotogy Bajorian Academy of Science
2383 star fleet Forensic Psychology
2383 star fleet Early Starfleet History
2383 star fleet Statistical mechanics
2383 star fleet Star ship operation
2383 star fleet Advance xenobiotogy degree
2384 star fleet Archaeology
2384 star fleet Basic Warp Design
2384 star fleet shuttle operation
2384 star fleet Astrotheory 101
2385 star fleet Astrosciences
2385 star fleet Advance Archaeology
2385 star fleet Interspecies Ethics
2385 star fleet Interspecies Protocol
2386 star fleet Exolinguistics
2386 star fleet Advance Archaeology II degree
2386 star fleet Advance Astrosciences degree
2386 star fleet Advance shuttle operation degree
2386 star fleet OTC
2387 star fleet Exoarchaeology
CAREER HISTORY: 2377 to 2379 Jr helmsman on Prophet's Dream
2380 to 2383 field researcher provisional ranks ensign DS9 xenobiotogy research team.
2386 to 2387 Jr Instructor provisional ranks ensign USS Phaeton (training ship)
SPECIALTIES: Astrosciences,Exoarchaeology ,and shuttlecraft operations.
MEDALS: 2013-09-11

Good Conduct Medal (Two Year)


Good Conduct Medal (One Year)

HISTORY: Character Created - March 15, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - March 18, 2011
Promotion on USS Firewall - February 18, 2013 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Medal Given on USS Firewall - September 11, 2013
Medal Given on USS Firewall - September 11, 2013
Medal Given on USS Firewall - September 11, 2013
Promotion on USS Firewall - October 16, 2013 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Character Transfer - February 2, 2015