Sonja Kinnunen

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NAME: Sonja Kinnunen
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
SIMULATION: Shattered Universe
ASSIGNMENT: Intelligence Operative
DEPARTMENT: Firewall - Bridge Officers
SPECIES: Halanan
AGE: 28
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 11
WEIGHT: 142 lbs.
EYE COLOR: Dodger Blue
HOME: New Halana
INTERESTS: Music, Nature, Target Practice, Painting Miniatures, Reading
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Oskari. Unknown. Whereabouts lost as of Stardate 61481.03 (10 years ago).
Mother: Maja. Deceased. Death occured Stardate 60563.41 (11 years ago).

Personal: The Dominion War ended when Sonja was still 8 years old. After that reports from abroad slowly returned to normal. New Halana was spared the brunt of the assault, fortunately, being remote as it was. Their unique telepathic abilities wasn't of much interest to the Dominion whose footsoldiers couldn't benefit from the talent. Later, when she was 17, Sonja witnessed her Mother's death though only minimal information was given to authorities at the time. While the case was ruled accidental, a number of people considered it unresolved though no one had been able to convince Sonja to reveal anything further. Since that time the young Halanan left what many called "paradise" for Earth where she joined Starfleet.

After she graduated from the Academy, Sonja was almost immediately beset by Starfleet Intelligence interested in her psychoprojective skill. Recruiting her was unexpectedly easy and the young woman continued training in various courses supplementing the general knowledge a Starfleet graduate possessed.

Several years later she was assigned her first mission in the field with a small squad of green recruits to pacify a situation before civil war errupted on a small planet vital to certain supply lines. Since the completion of that mission she has gone on to participate in many other, often classified, assignments of varying means, objectives, and hazards without any major incidents.

It is rumored, though Sonja neither confirms nor denies any details or versions of the tale, that an undisclosed group once approached the young officer (she suspects because, like many others, of her unique form of telepathy) with an offer outside of Starfleet Intelligence. While she does not discuss the incident, Sonja has confirmed any offer the rumor happens to carry at that time was turned down as a result of "philosophical differences."
EDUCATION: Starfleet Academy
+ Security Specialist

Starfleet Intelligence
+ Basic Reconnaissance
+ Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Training
+ Combat Leadership
+ Advanced Piloting
CAREER HISTORY: Starfleet Intelligence, Classified
Starfleet Intelligence Special Operations Branch, Classified
SPECIALTIES: Psychoprojective Telepathy
Intelligence Gathering
Sniper Rifles
Phaser Rifles
Martial Arts

Languages Spoken:
+ Primary: Halanan
+ Secondary: Human, Betazoid, Romulan
MEDALS: 2013-09-11

Good Conduct Medal (One Year)


Good Conduct Medal (Two Year)

HISTORY: Character Created - April 24, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - May 3, 2011
Promotion on USS Firewall - September 21, 2011 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign
Promotion on USS Firewall - February 18, 2013 - Lieutenant from Lieutenant Junior Grade
Medal Given on USS Firewall - September 11, 2013
Medal Given on USS Firewall - September 11, 2013
Character Transfer - February 2, 2015