Elle Jellico

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NAME: Elle Jellico
RANK: Starfleet -- Captain (Retired)
EMAIL: fsfselkie@xxxx.xxx
: None
SPECIES: Vulcan / Human
AGE: 95
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 7''
WEIGHT: 118 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dark Blonde
EYE COLOR: Vibrant Green
HOME: Shi’Kahr, Vulcan
INTERESTS: Hobbies: Collecting Stellar Charts, Guiding her three twins through life, Holo-Novels, Biology, Space Phenomena, Studying Ancient Culture, Rock Climbing, Meditation Instructor

Martial Skills: “Vulcan Nerve-Pinching”, Taekwondo, Jujitsu
Father- Sikar, Medical Ambassador
Mother- Diane Jellico, Former Starfleet Captain [DECEASED]

Uncle- Edward Jellico, Commander of the USS Cairo [DECEASED]

Cousin- Franklin Paul Jellico

Siblings: Twin- Danni Jellico

-Son- Kal’El the Half Breed Conqueror, Living on Orion
-Son- Syrek Jellico, Chief Medical Officer on the USS Explorer-E
-Daughter- T’Bel Thomas, Ambassador to Starfleet for the Science Institue on Vulcan

Possible Grandchild - Sex and Name unknown, Child of T’Bel and Suka
CAREER HISTORY: [2283]-[2299] Born-Age 16
Born to a Vulcan father and a Human mother, Elle was becoming a part of a new wave of half species for the Federation. Jellico was born with her twin sister in ShiKahr, a major city on Vulcan, located on the edge of Vulcan's Forge. A ten days travel, on foot, from the L-langon Mountains. As a child Elle expressed more emotional traits than her twin Danni. This cause much more of a distraction on how she was perceived as an infant. She became much more focused once the age of 3. Her mind discipline seemed to triple. By four she was already showing signs of mental control and immense hand-eye coordination. Her childhood years were not affected by how other children saw her, but how their parents saw her. Through it all, with cross species occurring more frequently now, there was not as much stressed place on the young girls as there would have been years before.

[2299]-[2300] Ages 16-17
Requested by her mother; Elle finally visited Earth. To much of a surprise on her part, she fell in love with the planet. Finding the various climate and surface differences breathtaking. Her appreciation was seen of her Human side, for the first time in 2306. She asked to remain for an extended time, and so the entire family lived there for one year.

[2300]-[2303] Ages 17-20
Her family and her returned to Vulcan at the end of 2307. She then attend the ShiKahr Academy, Jellico completed this institute at a young age ( considered for some Vulcans). Perhaps it was the need to surpass what other full Vulcans views of Elle were on her being half human, but she aced every course. This drove her into becoming interested in science a space. She also undertook a diplomacy in alien specie governments.

[2316] Diane Jellico Passes
Diane, born in 2273, died at 43 years of age. Her mother was on a shuttle heading to earth when a systems malfunction caused to ship to explode. An investigation was placed on her fathers demand. It would have been unlikely that a shuttle full of experienced officers would have simply let something like that happen. Later on the investigation shuttle would have suffered the same incident, this would prove that dark matter energy fully existed in the universe and was the cause of so many lost ships. Her sister and her took the loss of their mother very hard, and for a while Elle had to come to terms of how to deal with her emotions as both Vulcan and Human.

[2317] - [2321] The Federation
Returns to Earth to complete Starfleet Academy

[2321] - [2324] Medical Officer - USS Emiko
Ensign rank. She gets assigned to the Emiko as a medical officer.

[2324] - [2328] Medical Officer - USS Strider
Lieutenant junior grade rank. She requests a transfer to become assigned to the Strider as a medical officer.

[2328] - [2329] Cheif Medical Officer - USS Strider
Lieutenant rank. She gets promoted to CMO on the Strider.

[2329] - [2331] Neriel -Vulcan Ship
Jellico as requested by her father is sub commander of this ship. She finds it a very memorable experience.

[2331] - [2352] COMING SOON

[2352] NX Vanguard
Elle is assigned chief medical officer of an experimental ship called the Vanguard. It is a Nova class refitted ship. She is placed on the ship as both a Federation officer and a Vulcan officer. This ship was built in efforts to expand what was the normal for starships. The Borg war was real and they were coming. The Ferum also had begun there sleeper cell attack. The Borg war escalates. It appears that Captain Dulcat, was a Ferum agent and tried to seize the Vanguard for Ferum purposes. The crew overpower their faulted captain and returns to the Federation. Elle is given command of the NX Vanguard.

[2352] (Ending of that year)
Elle gives birth to her three twins: Kal’El, Syrek and T’Bel. The NX Vanguard commander dies due to attack and in a turbolift that ejects from the ship.

[2353] NX Vanguard is destroyed
In the efforts to thwart an attack on a starbase from the Borg and Ferum. Captain Jellico orders a ship evacuation and rams the Vanguard into a borg sphere causing a massive explosion that destroys all enemy ships.

[2353] - [2354] Captain - USS Nighthawk
Jellico assumes command of the Nighthawk. An intrepid class ship that holds the front line borders of non-Borg territory.

[2354] Refuge and New Enemy
Elle and her three children return home to Vulcan. She is 84 at this time. Safe on Vulcan her children have a chance to be raised by their mother. The Ferum are ended.

[2364] - [2373] USS Charlestown
Jellico is given command of a Defiant class ship.

[2376] Sons- Syrek and Kal’El
Syrek Jellico becomes the Chief Medical Officer USS Explorer-C. Kal’El becomes known as Kal’El the Half-Bred Conqueror. He chooses to live on Orion, his Fathers home planet. ( James was a male Orion but adopted by Humans)

[2377] Daughter - T’Bel
T’Bel Thomas becomes the Ambassador to Starfleet for the Science Institute on Vulcan where she married a Vulcan and they are expecting a child. The Father is full Vulcan.

[2378] - Current
Assigned to the USS Onimaru as Captain.
SPECIALTIES: She's considered one the Star fleet finest psychologists, being both intelligent and tactically superb at medical diagnoses as well as becoming a medical doctor.

One Admiral once commented that she is almost capable of out-doing an EMH on Starfleet vessels. Her weakness though, is her inner competition for her Vulcan and Human mind. Elle's hearing is very sensitive and it is known that Vulcan females possess a heightened sense of smell, which comes in handy for her.
HISTORY: Character Created - June 15, 2011
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Aquarius - June 17, 2011
Character Removed from Star Trek: Aquarius - August 20, 2012
Character Undelete - April 26, 2016
Character Assigned to USS Independence - May 6, 2016
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Onimaru - May 6, 2016
Character Resignation from Star Trek: Onimaru - June 22, 2017