John 'Jack' Drake

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NAME: John 'Jack' Drake
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
: None
AGE: 30
HOME: Mars
INTERESTS: Mid-20th Century Music
Target Practice
FAMILY HISTORY: Father - Captain Galan Drake
Stationed at Mars Defense Grid

Mother - Doctor Mira Drake
Head of Research, Daystrom Institute Mars
EDUCATION: After graduating from primary school on Mars, Jack passed the entrance exams and was accepted to the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program, in no small part due to the influence of his father. Upon completion of the program, based on his test scores and recommendations by instructors, he was fast tracked into Starfleet Academy in San Fransisco.

Jack dove into his courses headfirst, taking a myriad of classes ranging from the basics, such as astrophysics, to the more specialized, including temporal mechanics and quantum chemistry. He learned as much as he could, auditing classes he couldn't enroll in, but tended to be so caught up in that pursuit that the more academic requirements of the academy seemed to go ignored. From a purely scholastic stand point, Jack was a brilliant and unfocused student.

He drifted during his first three years at the academy, moving from sciences to engineering to legal theory, before ultimately finding a niche within the more tactical realm of study. Jack resolved to push himself, which he did, finally finding use for the other knowledge he had accumulated, using it to effect within various combat simulations. Ultimately, he graduated the Academy in the upper thirty percent of the class, but carried enough recommendations and had enough ranking officers with their eyes on him to be accepted into the Command School.

While there, he learned the various skills that would be required of him in any command situation, although much to the chagrin of some of his instructors, Jack tended to dive into situations, leaping without fully looking. He did, however, prove to be a very adapt pilot, and a competent command officer. His bridge officer examination ended with some slight hesitation on his part to send an officer to certain death while other options still might have existed. Those options were quickly exhausted and, despite his misgivings, he completed the test.

Captain Delkin, then Captain of the USS Lexington, took an interest in Jack, requesting the young man be transferred to the ship with the rank of Ensign. However, Delkin also felt Jack was well suited for some of the unknown engagements starships tended to face, and the young officer was quickly sent to Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training, which proved to be the most difficult and challenging time of Jack's life.
CAREER HISTORY: During his tactical training with Starfleet, Jack was placed within assault operations, a position which he proved to be well suited. After his graduation, he was stationed on the USS Lexington as a security officer. He served in that capacity for six months before being moved up to third shift tactical officer.

Four months later, while investigating a anomaly in the Cestus Sector, the Lexington found themselves face to face with the Borg Collective. The ship was easily outmatched, despite putting up a valiant fight. Drones boarded the vessel and began assimilating the crew, and it wasn't long before Jack found on the verge of that fate. He managed to fight free, using a series of Jefferies tubes to escape the drones. Joining with other survivors, they managed to retake the bridge. For the first time, in an extremely undesirable situation, Jack was in command of a starship. Within a split second, he made the decision to vent plasma coolant throughout the ship and then open every bulkhead to space.

He never knew how many of the crew were lost, assimilated or not, but he never really had time to dwell on it. A fleet of Federation ships jumped into the system and destroyed the Borg vessel. The Lexington survivors were beamed on board one of the ships and the vessel itself was towed back to space dock. It marked both the beginning and end of his command.

Following his debriefing, Jack was approached by a man with no rank, who offered the young ensign an 'unofficial' position Starfleet Intelligence, one that came with a heavy price tag. However, the prospect of being able to protect the Federation from, among others, the threat he had seen first hand was not one Jack could pass up. He was required to resign his commission, officially leaving Starfleet to pursue a career on a freighter crew, running good across the galaxy. Unofficially, however, he worked within Starfleet Intelligence who now possessed the ability to deny the young man’s affiliation with the Federation should the need ever arise.

The balance of power in the quadrant was shifting rapidly and, with Starfleet still recovering from the Borg attack on Earth and the Dominion war, more and more questionable activities were not only being committed, but were often sanctioned. Starfleet Intelligence could ill afford to let thing go as they were without trying to influence them in ways beneficial to the Federation. Jack found himself participating in a myriad of black ops, from assaulting facilities to taking hostages to assassinations, forming a very impressive, undocumented, and denied service record spanning half a decade. It was, however, the Romulans that ultimately, albeit indirectly, prompted his departure from the organization.

Within Starfleet Intelligence, but outside even the shaky hierarchy of black operations existed the organization whispered as only Section 31. A group that was capable of numerous war crimes and even targeted Federation civilians from time to time. They had gained quite a bit of support in the wake of the Dominion War despite these tactics, playing on the fears of a Federation weakened by years of war. With the Romulan Star Empire broken after devastating loss and power struggles, they had taken the opportunity to begin infiltration of the government. Those agents had reported back troubling rumors about Borg technology being researched for use on Romulan ships and leaders with the desire to decimate the weakened Federation. Section 31 wanted to know what was going on, and Starfleet Intelligence shared that concern. Taking inspiration from the changlings, Section 31 determined the best route to take was to have an infiltrator that could pass as Romulan, especially given the requirement of having to pass effectively into extremely secure location and on ships. A plan was already set in motion, and Jack found himself ‘loaned’ to the non-existent organization for whatever purposes they had in mind.

Jack was submitted to a series of biochemical procedures to give him the necessarily physical capabilities and appearance of a Romulan, even down to a synthesized iron/copper byproduct to bond with his blood, giving it the necessary green coloring. The pain of the processes was almost unbearable, but it worked, and he began his assignment immediately after the initial recovery period. At first, he integrated into a Romulan refugee camp. His skills and knowledge, purposefully shared, were quickly noticed by Romulan officers searching for crews to replace their losses. He served on a Romulan vessel for a year, serving as a weapons officer. As time passed, Section 31’s agents within the Romulan government began passing word around about a dedicated and skilled naval officer. When the time came for one of the ships carrying experimental technology to begin patrols, their tactical officer ‘suddenly’ fell ill, and the replacement was Jack. Strings had been pulled to get the posting, and he initially wasn’t trusted, but, as Section 31 had planned, his training as a tactical officer and his natural capabilities rose to the challenge, and he soon became integrated into the crew. He served in that capacity for two year years, before a Starfleet Intelligence attack ship assaulted the vessel he was on, killing everyone on board and pulling him out.

Section 31 was initially reluctant to let Jack leave, but his Starfleet handlers seemed to be more sympathetic. The cosmetic changes he had undergone were reversed, and he soon resumed his old position within Starfleet Intelligence. He continued for a few months, under the watchful eye of both doctors and those he had served under. Eventually, he was offered the opportunity to return to active duty, a goodwill gesture for his service with Starfleet Intelligence, and Jack accepted, requesting a transfer to the Tactical Division. It didn’t come without a price, however. Despite his experience and training, officially, Jack had resigned from Starfleet. Additionally, there was still some concern about how he could fulfill his duties, especially after being undercover for so long on top of existing in a galaxy without the rules and regulations that normally bound Starfleet officers. As if that were not enough, he had never had a particular affinity for following authority.

Ultimately, he was reinstated in Starfleet as a 'mustang' ensign, beginning at the bottom, but bringing enough experience that any commanding officers would know he could handle additional tasks then a green junior officer. He was assigned USS Nevada, serving as a security officer during their mission to rendezvous with the ship he would be transferred to: The USS Firewall
SPECIALTIES: Jack is a highly trained combat specialist, skilled in the use of a myriad of weaponry, both Federation and not, ranging from hand held phasers to starship offensive weapons. He is also adapt in defensive systems, both standard and otherwise.

He also have a keen mind, and is highly adaptable when determining strategy, both on the ground and in space, or other courses of action.

Probably his most well known capabilities, as mentioned numerous times in his files, Jack is unconventionally resourceful, especially when faced with dire situations. This does, of course, come at the cost of ignoring a multitude of Starfleet protocols and regulations regarding the proper usage limits of systems, but Jack seems to have little concern for them. He prefers to keep a ship and its crew safe, using the full extent of his knowledge to achieve that goal.
MEDALS: 2013-09-11

Good Conduct Medal (One Year)


Good Conduct Medal (Two Year)

HISTORY: Character Created - July 17, 2011