Sekau Camdoer Shoar

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NAME: Sekau Camdoer Shoar
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
: Medical
SPECIES: Vulcan/Human
AGE: 40
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 145lb
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
HOME: Vulcan
INTERESTS: He enjoys chess and is quite good at it. He also likes cardgames like poker, gardening, the cello and dabbling in hologram programing on the side. He's not as good of an engineer as his sibling but he has a good grasp of the basics and isn't completely incompetent.
FAMILY HISTORY: Parents: Deceased
Mother: Reann Camdoer Shoar
Father: Shoar, son of Seauk, son of T'Ru
Sibling: Thessa Camdoer Shoar- Lieutenant in Starfleet

Born the oldest child of Shoar of Vulcan to his second wife, the human Reann of Earth, Sekau spent the first 7 years of his childhood aboard the USS Sersuke, a small Federation science vessel researching near the north-eastern perimeters of the Romulan Neutral Zone. When he reached 7, his father's paternal family made a gentle but firm suggestion that he be brought back to Vulcan to have a more suitable upbringing. Plans for a betrothal were made but fell apart when Shoar refused to go through with the decision.

EDUCATION: Vulcan Science Academy (science & medical) 10 years
UC San Francisco/Harvard University (research) 5 years
University of Washington (general practice & rehabilitation) (3 years)
Starfleet Medical Academy (1 year)

Specialties: General Medicine, Emergency Care Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Medical Genetics & Genetic Anomalies (research)
CAREER HISTORY: Sekau was raised by his Vulcan relatives but retained more than a little of his mother's emotion and curiosity. Seen as a flawed and weak in his learning of logic, he was put on a firm path to the Science Academy when he got older to learn the correct path to obtaining complete "mastery" of his emotions. They seemed to have failed as Sekau sees nothing wrong with how he is although he is polite enough not to say it out loud most of the time.

Sekau's parents were part of an entire crew killed in a crash landing of their vessel due to mechanical malfunctions when he was 29. His sister was the sole-survivor. In an easy to make decision, he left the Science Academy and moved himself to Earth to better care for his sister. He continued with research in San Francisco and Harvard dealing in genetic anomalies and surgical practice as his sister finished her schooling. After she applied for Star Fleet Academy, he moved to the University of Washington for a few years, finding research to be less fulfilling and actual patient care, more.

After hearing of his sister's journeys, he finds himself interested in the idea of working with Starfleet to find more fulfillment beyond the Vulcan logic and joins the Academy, before being assigned to a ship.
SPECIALTIES: He is a very good doctor, one who cares for the patients not on a touchy-feely level but on a level where each problem no matter big or small, is treated with equal importance. He is an excellent diagnostician because he doesn't discount the illogical. He has a background in xeno-genetics and genetic anomalies. He has excellent mental shields and control.

He's known as being a bit of an anomaly among Vulcans, who write it off to his parents being deceased and being raised by family. He shows more emotions and has a wry sense of humour. He also is more comfortable with physical touching.
HISTORY: Character Created - August 7, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Exeter - August 8, 2011
Character Resignation from USS Exeter - October 26, 2011