Bethany Rebekah-Anne Cooks

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NAME: Bethany Rebekah-Anne Cooks
RANK: Civilian -- General Service 03
SIMULATION: Stargate Command
ASSIGNMENT: SG-4 Physicist
TEAM: SG-4: Army Special Ops
AGE: 30
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 145ibs
HOME: Melbourne, Australia
INTERESTS: Bethany is an avid collector of antiques and spends alot of her time searching nearby antique stores for items she can restore.

She also has a love for travelling and has to date visited 45 different countries. Apart from this Bethany loves nothing more than to watch good movies and has a massive DVD collection. She also loves old books which she collects more than reads. However, nothing gives her more pleasure than sitting in her bed on a rainy day, reading good literature or watching re-runs of classic movies
FAMILY HISTORY: Father - Derek Alan Cooks
Managing Director of a Shipping Company operating out of London. Divorced Bethany's mother when she was 5 and left for the UK immediately. Shares a good relationship still with his daughter.

Mother - Rebekah Sandra McLoughlin
Owns and operates a Hair Salon in Melbourne's Inner City East in Australia. Has since remarried to a local state government politician.

Sister - Sandra Celine Cooks
Younger sister Sandra (27) followed after her step-father's footsteps and is now a low level 'staffer' for the Deputy Premier of Victoria (Australia)

Brother - Peter James Cooks
Younger brother Peter (25) is an apprentice electrician in his fourth year after he spent a few years post school touring Europe
EDUCATION: High School - Brisbane Girls Grammar (Brisbane, Australia); The Henrietta Barnett School (London).

College/University -

Bachelor of Science (Physics, Coastal Geomorphology) - The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)

Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Physics) - The University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia)

PhD 'Flight InFlow Dynamics of V/STOL Airflight' - The University of Southhampton

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 'Increasing the Aerial Combat Capabilities of the 'Puddle Jumper' in the Stargate Program' - Stargate Program, Cheyenne Mountain - Top Secret.
CAREER HISTORY: Bethany has mainly had an academic career. She spent her undergraduate years in Australia at the University of Queensland and then New South Wales for her honours work. During this time she worked as a research assistant for a number of projects run within physics departments. She developed a taste for aerodynamics when working on a project exploring increasing thrust in props.

Her Father convinced her to move to the UK where he lives to complete her PhD. She did this at the University of Southhampton examining Flight Inflow Dynamics in V/STOL Aircraft. Her work caught the attention of a Professor Barlow who was in the beginnings of being recruited in the Stargate Program as a UK representative.

Barlow convinced Bethany to join despite her anxiety. Since then, she has worked on a project within the Stargate Program examining aerial combat abilities with Puddle Jumpers. Now, she works with off world teams discovering new ancient technology.
SPECIALTIES: Bethany is a physicist specialising in aerodynamics and space flight. She has become well educated in 'Ancient' flight technology and is able to interface with flight systems in most ancient ships.

Bethany is not heavily trained in weapons and has an aversion to using them. However, she can use them and has been known to out on missions.

Recently, Bethany has become heavily involved in off world teams seeking out new technology and was earmarked for the 'Atlantis' project. However certain discrepancies in her personal life and some questions over her allegiance to the Stargate program has meant she has been demoted to remaining on Earth.

HISTORY: Character Created - September 2, 2011
Character Assigned to Stargate Command - September 3, 2011
Character Removed from Stargate Command - October 2, 2012
Character Assigned to Stargate Command - March 4, 2014