Lin Elwood

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NAME: Lin Elwood
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Junior Grade
: Medical
SPECIES: Betazoid
AGE: 25
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 127lb
HAIR COLOR: Brown / Auburn
HOME: Stuttgart, Germany, Earth
INTERESTS: Lin's hobby is to follow people and observe them. It's interesting to her to see just how paranoid she can make them. Perhaps counterintuitive, but it at least convinces people that she really is working.

Lin is also obsessive-compulsive with a fixation on touching things. When she walks past a switch on the wall, she feels an urge to touch it.
FAMILY HISTORY: Cas Elwood; mother, elementary teacher
Van Elwood; father, neuropsychologist and brain surgeon; researcher
No siblings
Ann Elwood; paternal grandmother, psychoanalyst
Family located in Germany

Lin was born on Betazed, but the Dominion War caused her family (consisting of her grandmother, father, and mother as well as herself) to relocate to Earth in 2373. Lin, having only been three at the time of the relocation, has little to no memory of her homeplanet. Her family lived in Stuttgart, Germany, and she was raised as though the family had always lived on Earth instead of Betazed. An attentive, if only normally gifted, student, constant effort earned her a GED at the age of fifteen; that same year she was accepted into Cambridge University for her undergrad. She spent the full four years there, working long hours in order to then be accepted into the Starfleet Medical Academy. Another two years of hard work put her into her residency year at twenty-four. She served her residency as a junior counselor on the USS Helena, a small research vessel based in Earth’s local system. Her residency year passed quietly, and upon her graduation she was assigned to the USS Firewall as chief counselor.
EDUCATION: Undergrad at Cambridge
Attended Starfleet Med
Residency served on the USS Helena, a research vessel

Psychiatry major
CAREER HISTORY: August 15, 2391: Starfleet Academy – Basic Training

August 15, 2392: Starfleet Academy – Career Orientation

August 15, 2393: Starfleet Medical Academy – Counselling Specialization

August 21, 2394: USS Helena – Residency as Apprentice Counselor

May 7, 2395: Starfleet Academy – Graduation

June 18, 2395: USS Firewall – Chief Counsellor

June 18, 2395: USS Firewall – Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
SPECIALTIES: Empathy; psychiatry.

As a note, Lin is somewhat unskilled at telepathy, but is uncommonly skilled at empathy. So long as the person she's targeting is of an accessible race and has no training in mental shielding she is capable of heavily influencing their emotional state, and therefore their choices (generally).
HISTORY: Character Created - September 4, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - September 4, 2011
Character Removed from USS Firewall - May 1, 2012