Philip Martin Lawrence

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NAME: Philip Martin Lawrence
RANK: Civilian -- General Service 14
AGE: 31
HEIGHT: 5'11
HOME: Chicago, IL
INTERESTS: (Interests and General Personality)
Philip is an intense worker, endlessly fascinated by the permutations and combinations of technology which various races (including humans) have come up with over the centuries. He will often work after hours, and has been known to stay up all night without intending to while trying to sort out a computing problem.

His extensive work with the Asgard database (see Career History) has also given him the general sense that nothing he sees can surprise him anymore. He takes everything that he encounters in the course of his job with the same coolheadedness that he would bring to a lab test or a programming session, regardless of the danger or spectacularity of the event.

He rarely loses his temper, maintaining an unfailingly affable attitude towards everyone he works with. This has made for a generally positive work experience, though it's occasionally led him to be *too* acquiescing to the needs of those around him rather than his own.

He has had only one long-term relationship in his life, during graduate school; the woman involved, Anna Spencer, was a physics major who eventually left him for someone in her field "who looked up from the screen now and again." His unfailing placid good nature hides a certain amount of shyness towards one-on-one interaction as he is fearful of making the same missteps, but he established a reputation at Area 51 for a certain amount of unintentional charm.

Besides his work for the Stargate program, he does some programming in his spare time. He is also very well-read, enjoying both fiction and non-fiction. He has tried on several different occasions to learn to play the guitar, but usually loses patience before he can get very far. He participates in an intramural fencing club in Colorado Springs and goes biking on the weekends.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Jason Malcolm Lawrence
-- Age: 53
-- Profession: Product executive at Apple Computers
Mother: Elizabeth Sarah Lawrence, nee Brooke
-- Age: 50
-- Profession: History teacher at Roger C. Sullivan High School in Chicago.
EDUCATION: Philip Lawrence was an accident child, born when his mother was a 19-year-old history major at the University of Chicago and his father was a recent grad and low-level codemonkey at IBM. Philip consequently grew up in a small apartment crammed in every free corner with both academic materials and computer parts.

Philip's early years were dominated by his mother's influence, as she primarily raised him while his father worked nearly constantly to support their small family. Consequently, Philip spent much of his youth widely exposed to the social sciences, but became far more fascinated with his father's somewhat mysterious work, which grew more complex as the years went on. Jason Lawrence was a somewhat difficult man at times, but as Philip displayed an aptitude for the inner workings of computers, the two of them bonded over the subject.

Philip proved to be something of a minor computer science prodigy. He watched the development of both the hardware and software industries with great attention, and by the age of 18 had built several computers and was fluent in a variety of programming languages. In 1998, he received a full-freight scholarship to Princeton University, where he finished his BSE in compsci before following it up with a master's degree in at DePaul University in Chicago.

His educational focus was primarily software engineering and programming, but he retained an extracurricular interest in hardware design and wrote several papers on reverse-engineering, computer architecture, and artificial intelligence which were very well-received -- so well, in fact, that they evidently drew the attention of the US military.

In 2004, upon completion of his master's he was offered the chance to go to New Mexico to participate in the development of the networked computer systems of the burgeoning X-304 battlecruiser (Daedalus-class), and it was thus that he was introduced to the world of the Stargate program.
CAREER HISTORY: Philip was immediately captivated by the array of alien technology open for analysis and the numerous advances to computer science as it currently existed. He threw himself with a will into everything the research and development threw at him, expanding his general interests as well as bringing his own background knowledge to the team.

He made significant contributions to the X-304's computer network architecture in the two years before its first launch in 2006, as well as committing extensive amounts of his leisure time to the brute force programming work at the bottom of the ship's inertial dampening systems, gaining a decent grounding in starship and wormhole physics in addition to his technical skills.

With the launch of the 304, his career entered a more varied period, as he worked on a number of different projects at Area 51 for the next 12 months or so, until the biggest of all dropped into his lap -- Earth's acquisition of an Asgard computer core in 2007. He was offered the task of leading the team which would do the initial cataloguing of the massive amounts of data taken from the core and organizing the adaptation of Asgard technology for Tau'ri purposes.

He accepted with great enthusiasm, and over the next several years became at least conversant with pretty much every piece of major technology which passed out of Area 51 into active use, oversaw much of the less successful or less practical testing work, and contributed to most of the programming which went into any automated systems.

As such, his extensive knowledge was eventually deemed more useful on the front lines, as he grew conversant with enough galactic technology to be able to do rapid-fire analysis and occasional on-the-fly repurposing. He was reassigned to Colorado as a technical consultant, taking a position as a civilian member of the SG-10 team.
SPECIALTIES: Philip's longstanding experience with Asgard technology (see Career History) has given him a thorough grasp of generalized galactic technology, and he has developed a quick analytical eye for reverse-engineering unfamiliar mechanisms. His programming expertise is myriad and includes such diverse languages as Java, C++, Lisp, Basic, Asgard/Lantean/Goa'uld technical syntax, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Python.

This last is his favorite and many of the Daedalus-class's computer user interfaces are built on a Python framework integrated with the underlying Asgard code base. The nickname "Skip" (Should've [K]oded In Python, for his near-catchphrase response to many approaches suggested by his colleagues over the years) stuck during his time at Area 51, though he has tried to leave it behind since his move to Colorado.

He also prides himself on being an accomplished team worker and unflappable in the face of puzzling, frustrating, frightening, or extraordinary circumstances.
HISTORY: Character Created - November 28, 2011
Character Assigned to Stargate: SG-10 - December 7, 2011
Character Removed from Stargate: SG-10 - February 19, 2013