Mark Rodgers

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NAME: Mark Rodgers
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
: Engineering
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 6' 3'
HOME: Baltimore, Maryland
INTERESTS: Mark's most favorite interests are engineering and spending time in the woods he likes to take stuff apart and put it together in his freetime. when he is off you can find him hunting or camping cause mark loves the outdoors and hates being bottled up in a ship allay everyday. mark will do anything he can to get off the ship. he plays sports with his friends and loves to climb mountains as a hobby. his most favorite interest is his work and he would rather spend the rest of his life doing what he does instead of all of his other interests he likes to learn as much as he can so he can become a better engineer.
FAMILY HISTORY: Mark Rodgers family goes way back but they only have history thats goes back to the 2000's one of his great grandpa's Aaron Rodgers was a QB for the green bay packers who won 5 superbowls the rest of his family have been engineers from the time starfleet was born to today his dad was a engineer for a automobile company in Baltimore his mom was a tech teacher at his high school his brother Jay is a teacher at starfleet academy and his sister is a engineer aboard a deep space vessel.
EDUCATION: Mark went to public schools for elementary and middle school. When he went to high school he spent most of his time working with technology becoming one of the best students in his grade. he worked on everything he could find when mark was a sophomore we started his own business repairing small objects eventually the objects got tougher and harder to fix. mark challenges himself when it comes to his work and he enjoys it a ton. he got bored of fixing small things and wanted to go into space so mark enrolled into starfleet academy to become and engineer he spent a couple of years as a good student who wanted to learn everything he could to become the best engineer he can be.
CAREER HISTORY: Mark was a student for 18 years mainly taking as many tech classes as he could he got good grades and if he got a bad one he wouldn't stop working hard until he gets a good grade he went home every night and did his homework and was a honor student and was a great student that most teachers loved having in his class. after high school mark went to starfleet academy to become a engineer he never missed a day cause that would mean he missed a day of learning he was eager to become a engineer and got great grades graduating at the age of 26. Mark took a year off to travel the world and spend time in the mountains and the outdoors now he is awaiting a spot on a ship!
SPECIALTIES: Mark is great at repairing and building things in a hurry and that is what he prizes himself on he wants to be onboard a ship to help repair something quickly to help his cremates out. mark is a great fighter to he knows some tactical things but is a nerd when it comes to engineering he learned kung fu when he was a kid. mark is also a athlete he plays baseball, and football. He is a great friend and makes it easy to get along with. he also has great survival skills, Mark is a eagle scout who knows how to survive in the worst situations.
HISTORY: Character Created - December 6, 2011
Character Assigned to USS Providence - December 7, 2011
Character Removed from USS Providence - March 29, 2012
Character Assigned to USS Providence - July 9, 2012
Character Removed from USS Providence - February 14, 2013