Noah Samuelson

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NAME: Noah Samuelson
RANK: General -- Human
: Humans
AGE: 21
WEIGHT: 160 lbs
HOME: Fort Collins CO
INTERESTS: Noah enjoys reading a variety of material from Shakespear to the Bible, to thrillers and mysteries.

He is deeply spiritual and believes in living a simple life.

He enjoys music and plays the guitar(jazz and country)
He speaks English, Spanish, French, Latin, Greek and Hebrew fluently and has just started to learn Japanese. He has an edietic memory.

He is a good cook
FAMILY HISTORY: He was raised in the Selene Creek Orphanage And School For Wayward Boys (Selene Creek GA)from the time of his birth until he was 14. At that time he was taken to the Fort Clark Army Base just outside of Selene. Army Intelligence along with operatives from the CIA and a private company, Harvest Research, revived the MKULTRA mind control testing that had supposedly been shut down in the 1970s.

Noah along with 12 other boys were subjected to numerous experiments. Drugs, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, electrodes inserted in the brain and other psychological and physical tricks were used. The goal was twofold. To brainwash the candidates and to give them empathic and paranormal powers for the purpose of hunting down vampires and werewolves. In most cases the experments were unsucessful. However Noah already possesed paranormal abilities because of his spirutality and because of powers passed down to him from his ancestors.

After three years of torment Noah was managed to escape. To make an example out of him one of his friends from the orphange who was a werewolf was shot and killed in front of him. Noah was able to read the killer's mind, and detected his most primal fear then turn that fear back on him amplifying it.

He is not sure whether the man died or whether he was simply stuned, but he was able to escape in the ensuing confusion.

He had heard about the Monastery Of The Risen Christ in Pecos New Mexico and fled there where he was granted santcuary. He changed his name from Daniel Armstrong Webster to Noah Samuleson, died his hair from blonde to black The only thing he didn't change was his eye color.

Noah spent two years at the monastery learning the contomplative life and completing his high school career.

He was trained by the government to track down all pertanatural creatures because they considered both werewolf and Vampire to automatically be guilty.

At first he resisted hunting down anyone, feeling it was not his place to judge. What he did not realize is that some of his ancestors were hunters and there is an on going feud between his biological family and one of the most powerful vampire clans.

So he has decided to use his skills and abilities in that area, but only those that he considers truly evil.
EDUCATION: Pecos High School, Pecos New Mexico

Sophomore Colorado State University

CAREER HISTORY: No real career untill the start of the game
SPECIALTIES: Noah has a genius level IQ (160) and an eidetic memory.

He is a black belt in Aikido

He is a telepath that is able to read surface thoughts and emotions with realative ease, most usually without the other person being aware of him doing so unless they are an empath/telepath themselves. If he touches someone he can read deeper thoughts, the more intimate the touch, the deeper the thoughts he can read.

He has limited telekensis and can control small objects. This would include objects that could normally be held or carried by a person of average strength.

He is an extremely fast healer and has a high resistance to any kind of mind control or hypnosis.

These are all abilites he has full control over.

On occassion he is able to see into a preson's future or know that they have an illness as an example even if they don't know it themselves.
HISTORY: Character Created - January 12, 2012
Character Assigned to Nocturne's Reign - January 15, 2012
Character Transfer - January 25, 2013
Character Assigned to Circus of the Damned - January 29, 2013
Character Removed from Circus of the Damned - December 22, 2013