Crystal Rose Wood

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NAME: Crystal Rose Wood
RANK: Air Force -- Colonel (O-6)
SIMULATION: Stargate Command
TEAM: Base Personnel
AGE: 41
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6 (168 cm)
WEIGHT: 140 pounds (64 kg)
HAIR COLOR: Light Brown
EYE COLOR: Light Blue
HOME: Orange County, California
Weight Lifting
Star Trek
PERSONALITY:Commanding and Assured
Controlled - Hard to read
Open Minded
Decisive and Direct
FAMILY HISTORY: Father - Jasper Ash Wood
Mother - Ivy May Wood
Sister - Pearl Heather Parker (nee Wood)
Brother - Emerald Ash Wood
Brother-in-law - Gregory Parker
Nieces - Lauren Kay (b. 1995), Teri Allie (b. 1999), Lana Kelly (b. 2000) (Pearl's daughters)

With the approval of their parents, Jasper and Ivy met and married young (1965). They traveled a great deal, celebrating life. However, after four years of trying, there was still no sign of children. They decided to settle down to show they could create a loving and safe environment for kids. They celebrated the last of their old life at Woodstock (1969). A year later, they were called to bring home a baby girl, whom they quickly named Pearl Heather, the first name due to her father, the middle due to her mother.

Later, they applied for another child. In 1972, they were introduced to two week old ''Baby Girl Bennett or Anderson,'' whom they took home that day. Naming her in the same manner as her older sister, the baby was called Crystal Rose. For a while, it was the four of them, a close-knit family. The two girls had always known they were adopted.

When Crystal was fifteen, Ivy's cousin asked her to adopt an unwanted child. Jasper and Ivy were happy to have another child. Soon, Emerald was born (1987). Crystal and Pearl helped with their brother as best they could, but it wasn't long before they were busy with their own lives. Crystal joined the Air Force while Pearl went on to become an elementary teacher. Due to their distance in age and largely separate lives, they didn't become very close to their brother. This changed with Crystal when Emerald followed her steps and joined the Air Force (2005).

At the academy, Crystal met Gregory Parker (1990). She introduced him to Pearl. They married a few years later and soon provided Crystal with three nieces. Crystal kept her own love live hidden away, though she has not yet found the right person.

Crystal has recently been assigned Stargate Command. The secret nature of the base makes her feel more distant from her family (2012).
EDUCATION: Crescent Elementary - Grades K through 6th.
Orange Middle - Grades 7th through 9th.
Canyon High School - Grades 10th through 12th.
United States Air Force Academy
CAREER HISTORY: 1990 - United States Air Force Academy (age 18)
1994 - Graduates USAF Academy (age 22)
1994 to 2002 - Posted at Washington (age 22 to 30)
- - - Promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant.
- - - Promoted to Captain.
2002 to 2010 - McMurdo Air Force Base (age 30 to 38)
- - - Promoted to Major.
2010 to 2012 - The Pentagon (age 38 to 40)
- - - Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
2012 to Current - Stargate Command (age 40 to current)
- - - Promoted to Colonel.
SPECIALTIES: Hand-to-hand Combat
Weapons - Rifles, Pistols, Zatnik'atels, Knives
Piloting Skills

OOC Notes:
• The image used for Crystal is Vera Farmiga.
HISTORY: Character Created - February 7, 2012
Character Assigned to Stargate Command - February 10, 2012
Promotion on Stargate Command - February 22, 2012 - Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) from Major (O-4)
Promotion on Stargate Command - April 17, 2013 - Colonel (O-6) from Lieutenant Colonel (O-5)