Tizana Soria McCay

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NAME: Tizana Soria McCay
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
EMAIL: oshngirl@xxxx.xxx
ASSIGNMENT: Assistant Security Officer
: Tactical/Security
SPECIES: Bajoran
AGE: 27
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 152lbs
HOME: Salva II
INTERESTS: Mok’bara, hand-to-hand techniques, aerial combat techniques, running, Bajoran percussion instruments
FAMILY HISTORY: In 2351, Tizana was smuggled off of Bajor when she was a baby, it is unknown how or why but she ended up adrift in a lifepod emitting a distress signal on Federation frequencies. Despite being within Cardassian territory, the pod was intercepted by the USS Cochrane which was deployed as part of Starfleets forces in the Cardassian Border War. The Cochrane was hoping to find some survivors of a lost Federation supply ship which had recently been destroyed by Cardassian forces. When the pod was pulled aboard, only Tizana was aboard along with a piece of paper with her name scrawled upon it in Bajoran and a traditional Bajoran earring. The Cochrane’s CMO determined her age to be approximately 8 months old. She was ill and malnourished though the medical staff was able to nurse her back to health. She was sent to Salva II where an orphanage for those who lost parents in the Border Wars had been established.

Tizana was in the orphanage for almost a year before being adopted by colonists Samuel and Mary McCay who were farmers that lived on the outskirts of the colony. They retained her Bajoran given name, moving the family name to her middle name and giving her their last name. When they adopted Tizana they had two boys: Jason age 7 and Christopher age 4. She was picked on and bullied frequently due to the combination of her small stature and her Bajoran heritage, as the colonist saw the Bajorans as thieves since the neighboring refugee worlds were known to hit supply ships.

During her teenage years the settlement was often attacked by Cardassians due to the escalating tensions in the border zones. Christopher left as soon as he turned 18 to join Starfleet and escape the fighting. Jason, on the other hand, was committed to defend his hometown. Tizana often helped Jason’s group fight back. Her tenacity more than made up for her age. When Jason started to take an interest in off world preemptive strikes against the Cardassians, Mary applied to Starfleet Academy in Tizana’s name to remove her from the situation. Tizana was surprised to get an offer to attend Starfleet Academy but accepted the offer, knowing she could learn a great deal more about combat techniques there than following Jason’s ragtag group of civilians.
EDUCATION: 2351 – 2369 Federation standard education
2369 – 2372 Starfleet Academy, specializing in close combat security

At the end of her first year in the Academy, the Federation-Cardassian treaty was signed which transferred her homeworld to Cardassian control. Tizana wrote home frequently as her family refused to take Starfleet’s resettlement offer. It was not long before she heard Jason was wanted as a leader of the Maquis. Her frustration with being unable to help her home almost ended with her resignation from the Academy but a letter from Mary kept her enrolled.

Tizana took as many close combat courses as she could during the Academy. She learned the hand-to-hand fighting styles of 11 different planets, as well as, becoming an experienced combat smallcraft pilot. She took first place in several hand to hand competitions at the Academy. She was also able to explore her Bajoran heritage for the first time, tasting traditional foods, picking up fluency for the language and learning how to play a few percussion instruments. She resisted all explanations of Bajoran religion, almost incredulous that a species could believe another species was a god.

CAREER HISTORY: 2372 – 2374 USS Majestic – security officer
2374 – 2378 USS Leeds – security officer
2378 – current – USS Odyssey

Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy, Tizana was assigned to the USS Majestic in security. She learned to play poker after being invited to join poker night with the other lower ranked security forces. The good times on the Majestic were cut short when the Dominion War broke out in 2373. The Majestic spent a great deal of time on the front lines, jumping from skirmish to skirmish. In mid-2340, the Majestic was deployed as part of fleet under the command of Captain Benjamin Sisko in an attempt to take back Deep Space Nine from the Dominion. While Operation Return was ultimately a success, the Majestic was destroyed and only a handful of those aboard survived.

At the end of the battle, all the surviving lifepods were picked up by the functioning ships and delivered to Deep Space Nine. They were quickly reassigned to ships that had not been destroyed but had taken significant casualties. Tizana was assigned to the USS Leeds. The Leeds was sent to help retake Betazed. Tizana was one of several security teams sent down to the surface. Her team leader put her in for a commendation after the planet was secured. After the war, she remained assigned to the Leeds and became quite close with many of the crewmembers.

She had worked her way up the chain of commander onboard the Leeds, becoming one of the Chiefs most trusted junior officer. Her record was reviewed and resulted in her reassignment to the USS Odyssey for a top secret mission. She jumped at the chance, hoping to see more action as the Leeds was primarily involved in supply runs to help with the rebuilding efforts after the War. She hopes the Odyssey will hold more excitement, so far she has not been disappointed.
SPECIALTIES: Close combat specialist, both hand to hand and aerial
HISTORY: Character Created - February 28, 2012
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Project Origin - March 3, 2012