Davet of Yunar

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NAME: Davet of Yunar
RANK: Civilian -- General Service 04
EMAIL: fsfmeushell@xxxx.xxx
SIMULATION: Stargate Command
ASSIGNMENT: Linguistic Base Member
TEAM: Orias: Orion Base and Team
SPECIES: Tok'ra Host
AGE: 161
HEIGHT: 6'0 (183 cm)
WEIGHT: 190 pounds (86 kg)
HAIR COLOR: Strawberry Blonde
HOME: Silverwood, Yunar
INTERESTS: Herb Tea - He grows and dries his own herbs to drink tea.
Hunting - Only when his husbands go.
PERSONALITY:Loyal and Protective - To his husbands and to the Tok'ra High Council.
Reserved and Controlled - He's very hard to read. It makes him appear cold at times.
Dry Sense of Humor - Sometimes he goes for a more obvious sarcastic tone.
Exceptions - While his default mood seems to be "Apathetic," he opens up more around loved ones. It helps that they can also read him a lot better. He is also quick to anger when insulted by a fellow Tok'ra, even if it is by a new host.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father - Hilaire*
Mother - Vivianne*
Step-Mother - Cyrille*
-- Brothers - Corneille*, Constant*, Sacha*, Dominique*, Stillborn*
-- Sisters - Hermine*
-- Half-Brothers - Theophile*, Stillborn*, Yanick*, Bernard
-- Half-Sisters - Mariette*, Laurence*, Donatienne*, Nadine
-- Unknown - Cyrille had one miscarriage.
Blending Partner - Lyzek
-- Wife - Colombe*, human
-- Husband - Avrel, human
-- Husband - Valak, symbiote
Children - Jerome*, Evelyne*, Renard*
-- Jerome's Children - Maurice*, Virginie*, Bertin*
-- Evelyne's Child - Lange*
-- Renard's Children - Felix*, Lionel*
2nd Great Grandchildren
-- Virginie's Children - Arnot*, Odette*, Honorine*
-- Bertin's Child - Coralie*
-- Lionel's Children - Hervel*, Aline
3rd Great Grandchildren
-- Odette's Children - Ophelie*, Ariane*, Agathe* and Agathine*
-- Honorine's Child - Augustin*
-- Aline's Children - Micel*, Genevie*, Laurentine*, Germain*
4th Great Grandchildren
-- Ophelie's Child - Remi*
-- Agathe's Child - Loul*
-- Augustin's Child - Hyacinthe*
-- Genevie's Child - Herve*
-- Laurentine's Children - Damiel*, Eugenie*
-- Germain's Children - Anais*, Charlaine*, Rigue*
5th Great Grandchildren
-- Remi's Children - Narcisse*, Andree, Silvestre
-- Loul's and Hyacinthe's Children - Thibault, Narcisse*, Leo and Liom, Vincent*
-- Eugenie's Child - Guy
-- Anais's Children - Ariane, Yvonne*
-- Charlaine's Child - Bruce
-- Rigue's Children - Sidonie*, Arsene, Richard
6th Great Grandchildren
-- Andree's Children - Gullume, Eugene, Francoise*
-- Thibault's Child - Achille
-- Narcisse's Children - Yvonne, Maurice
-- Leo's Children - Yves, Helene
-- Liom's Child - Saul
-- Ariane's Child - Josette
-- Bruce's Children - Jacques, Brice*
-- Arsene's Child - Sandrine
-- Richard's Children - Aselm, Serge

* Deceased.
EDUCATION: Childhood/Teenager - Trained to be a scout and guerrilla fighter.
As a Tok'ra - Mostly from Lyzek, he primarily trained in communications and linguistics.
CAREER HISTORY: . (Because his career and personal history are interwoven, his complete timeline is listed under "Personal History.")
SPECIALTIES: Linguistics
Hand-to-hand Combat - Skill depends on the weapons used.
Primary Weapons - Most Goa'uld Weapons, Knife
Working Undercover / Stealth - Though he is largely no longer used in this manner.
Healing - Basic Healing Device knowledge
Willpower - It's also a weakness

Lyzek has full control over bodily functions. This allows for...
• Slowed Aging
• Healing
• Control Over Metabolism
• Increased Strength
• Better Senses (sight, hearing, etc.)
• Longer Endurance
• Strong Resistance to Poison or Drugs
• Ability to Sense Other Symbiotes and Hosts
• Increased Need for Food/Water

1852 - Born as Davet Dalca (age 0)
1868 - Became an Adult and Married Colombe (age 16)
1870 - First Son is Born (age 18)
1871 - Daughter is Born (age 19)
1873 - Second Son is Born (age 21)
1877 - Daughter becomes Sick, Needing Medicine (age 25)
- - - Davet tries to get a regular supply of medicine, but finds it impossible.
1879 - Agreed to Become a Tok'ra.
- - - Daughter gets the regular supply of medicine she needs. (age 27)
- - - Modifies his name to Davet of Yunar
1880 - Blended with Tok'ra, Lyzek (age 28)
1882 - Married Avrel and Valak (age 30)
1887 to 1913 - Avrel and Valak go undercover (ages 35 to 61)
- - - Husband disappear and declared fallen in 1913.
1890 - Ex-Wife remarries. (age 38)
1913 to 1925 - Davet and Lyzek goes undercover. (age 61 to 73)
1925 - Learn that husbands are still alive and back with the Tok'ra. Reunited. (age 73)
2010 - Begins working with Stargate Command to build Orion Base (age 158)
2011 - Orion Base is opened (age 159)
HISTORY:Davet was born into a middle class military family in the country, Silverwood. At a young age, he was tested and trained, where he and two brothers ended up following the career path of their uncle. This brought them away from home for long periods of time, but the family remained close. Away from home, they often dealt with battles with the country, Goldland. Davet was sent behind the lines.

As soon as he became an adult, he married, and it wasn't long before they had three children. His daughter became sick, needing medicine. Davet did his best to get it to her, but he couldn't get a regular supply. He often spent more time away from home, taking more dangerous tasks for the money needed.

During battles, archers from both sides often attacked the other side as they closed in on each other. Goldland fared better, as they often had the higher ground. One evening, as the two armies prepared, the location of the Goldland archers was discovered. Davet and others were sent in. They were supposed to attack before the battle, but fighting broke out early. Arrows were already raining on his people when Davet and his group arrived. He attacked the nearest and youngest archer, a nineteen year old man. Stabbing him in the chest, he moved on to other archers. With the Goldlanders archers wounded or dead, they retreated.

During the battle, the stargate, the circle that the countries fought over, activated. A temporary truce was called. Dying men from both sides were questioned, asking for volunteer in return for their families being well compensated. Davet volunteered, hoping they'd take him despite of a lack of injury. Suddenly, he found himself being asked to help injured men. He was soon carrying the stretcher of the archer he had left for dead.

Things were chaotic. He was on a whole new planet, everyone running around him. The deathly ill had priority, and Davet waited hours in confusion, hoping this would all save his daughter. He heard that the archer he had stabbed, named Avrel, had been chosen, and those who could be, were healed. Many died. Survivors were told that those people hadn't been healable with a healing device, though Davet didn't know what that meant. As it was, he was amazed as this seemingly magical device removed injuries from others.

Finally, the strange people who seemed to live on this planet came to him, explaining about the Tok'ra. Davet agreed to stay with them, learning to live as a Tok'ra as an unblended human until a host was needed. First, he was allowed to return home. His government considered it an honor to become Tok'ra. He already found his wife and children in a new home, his daughter getting the medical attention needed. Returning back to the Tok'ra, he discovered that a couple others were also staying as unblended humans.

A year later, Davet blended with Lyzek, a Tok'ra he got along with. He thought the year had prepared him for all the memories and emotions that would follow, but he was wrong. It was overwhelming, and he found himself seeking Avrel's help. A romance began, and they married two years later.

After only five years of marriage, Avrel and his symbiote, Valak, were sent on a long undercover mission. Twenty-six years of not seeing their husbands was testing and lonely. Messages to and from were fleeting and never direct. Then the messages from Avrel and Valak stopped coming. Nothing of them could be found, and they were declared "Fallen." Feeling sick and needing to get away, Davet and Lyzek volunteered to go undercover, hoping to hear something of their husbands. After ten years, they gave up hope of ever seeing them again.

Two years after giving up, they received a message from the Tok'ra. Avrel and Valak were alive. It took three long months before Davet could safety leave. They were finally reunited.


-location in host-
Name: Lyzek of Galbel
Age: 1,426
Gender: Male
Species: Tok'ra Symbiote
Occupation: Tok'ra Linguistic

DOB: November 1st, 586
Birthplace: Galbel (in a lake)

• Loyal and Protective
• Arrogant
• Honest
• Calm and Controlled
• Friendly

Genetic Memory
Larva Training - It was taught details about the rebellion that it didn't get from genetic memory.
Hosts - It has learned various things from its hosts, such as languages. They've also learned a lot of things together.

• Queen - Egeria
• Siblings - It has hundreds.
• First Marriage - Valak (symbiote) and Arada (host)
• Second Marriage - Valak and Leksi (host)
• Third Marriage - Valak and Corr (host)
• Forth Marriage - Virron (symbiote) and Javari (host)
• Fifth Marriage - Valak and Avrel (host)

Previous Hosts
First Host - Darron - Male - Linguist / Diplomat / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Darron's Age: 28 through 196
Lyzek's Age: 24 through 192
Tok'ra Relationships: Valak and Arada.
A dairy farmer who became ill. He was killed by a Jaffa.

Second Host - Rikon - Male - Linguist / Diplomat / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Rikon's Age: 22 through 208
Lyzek's Age: 192 through 378
An lawyer's job got him into some trouble. He lived all his years.

Third Host - Quon - Male - Linguist / Diplomat / Tok'ra Larvae Caretaker
Quon's Age: 9 through 198
Lyzek's Age: 378 through 567
Tok'ra Relationships: Valak and Leksi. Valak and Corr.
An archer-in-training blended with Lyzek after an archer accident. He lived all his years.

Forth Host - Narda - Female - Linguist / Spy
Narda's Age: 17 through 167
Lyzek's Age: 567 through 717.
Tok'ra Relationships: Virron and Javari.
An armorer who got sick. She was killed by a Jaffa.

Fifth Host - Hatlyn - Female - Linguist / Spy
Hatlyn's Age: 33 through 108
Lyzek's Age: 717 through 792.
A baker who became ill. She was killed by a Jaffa.

Sixth Host - Skyen - Female - Linguist / Spy
Skyen's Age: 19 through 202
Lyzek's Age: 792 through 975.
A noblewoman who used blending to escape her husband. She lived all her years.

Seventh Host - Geph - Male - Linguist / Spy
Geph's Age: 9 through 141
Lyzek's Age: 975 through 1107.
A young bookbinder. He was killed by a Jaffa.

Eighth Host - Torran - Male - Linguist / Spy
Torran's Age: 16 through 204
Lyzek's Age: 1107 through 1295.
An artist who was robbed and stabbed while on the road. He lived all his years.

The Hosts


OOC Notes:
• The image used for Davet is Kevin McKidd.
• The image used for Avrel is James Purefoy.
• The images used for the hosts are Callard Harris, Gordon Bothe, Brendan Walters, Emma Stone, Rutina Wesley, Kuroki Meisa, Philip N. Waller, and Harry Shum Jr.
MEDALS: 2013-05-26

Prisoner of War Medal

HISTORY: Character Created - March 30, 2012
Character Assigned to Stargate Command - April 4, 2012
Medal Given on Stargate Command - May 26, 2013
Promotion on Stargate Command - July 13, 2013 - General Service 04 from General Service 03