Serena Cates

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NAME: Serena Cates
RANK: General -- Lycanthrope
: Werewolves
AGE: 32
GENDER: Female
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
EYE COLOR: Light Blue
HOME: Jackson, Mississippi
INTERESTS: She likes to go swimming, Skiing, Hiking, Snow boarding, Camping, Water boarding, Surfing, fishing, Tubing, and going for long walks.
FAMILY HISTORY: Both her parents were humans that lived productive lives. With in two years of their marriage they had Serena. They showered her with love and anything that she ever wanted in life. In school she was your average student. As soon as she graduated from high school her and her family went camping one weekend. With in the first night her and her family were attacked by a pack of wolves.

Serena was the only one that survived with just one bite while her parents were killed. For the first month, Serena went threw several changes, like shape changing and her senses started to heighten. Afraid of what she was becoming she left her little neighbor hood and went on the search on whom had bit her. With in six months she found out who it was and at first she grew angry with him for biting her and ruining her life.

But she learned to except it and soon joined his family knowing that, that was all she had left. She had to go threw trail and error when joining that pack, which didn't take long. Once a member she learned several things that her body was going threw and what it can truly do. She ended up liking her powers and found them to be pretty cool.

Around this time to she learned about the Vampires. Being a member of the Alpha group, she learned that the Vampires were to be feared and to never turn your back on them. That if ever came across one you were to kill it before they took control of you. After eight years of this and learning how to survive. She started to travel the US seeing opportunities for new members for the pack as well as what was out there in the world.

She took various jobs that she could to fuel her motorbike and put food in her tummy. And around full moons she made sure that she was out of sight and out of the way so no mortal could see her. She kept her werewolf powers a secrete knowing that one day it could be the end of her.
EDUCATION: She has the basic Education Elementary-High school. But no Collage
CAREER HISTORY: She takes your basic average Joe jobs. Since the highest education she received is high school so anything that job require you to have a high school diploma she usually applies for.
SPECIALTIES: Her Were wolf powers. She can shape change into a werewolf, she has increasing strength(only on a full moon), Heightened senses, Speed, and the ability to to heal quickly as well, and Age slowly.
HISTORY: Character Created - May 27, 2012
Character Assigned to Nocturne's Reign - June 7, 2012
Character Removed from Nocturne's Reign - August 20, 2012