Jonathan 'Dragon' Abaddon

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NAME: Jonathan 'Dragon' Abaddon
RANK: Starfleet Marines -- Major General
SIMULATION: Shattered Universe
ASSIGNMENT: CSG-7 Fleet Commander
DEPARTMENT: Flag Officers
SPECIES: Human/Klingon/Ullian/Unknown
AGE: 89
HEIGHT: 6' 9"
WEIGHT: 218 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
HOME: Unknown
INTERESTS: During Jon's research into human history, he discovered 20th and 21st century vehicles. Which quickly peaked his interests, most of all, Super bikes. He can often be found in the holodeck, working on, riding, or racing super bikes, or other vehicles.

He also enjoys swimming and diving, as well as many other sports. Also enjoys flying 21st century Aircraft.
FAMILY HISTORY: Subject 117s parents were both killed when his mother was 2 months pregnant with him. The fetus was extracted, and kept alive in hopes that it may be saved. When it became apparent that the fetus was going to die, they extracted its DNA, and used it in a test to Clone a human. The Human was dubbed Subject 117. The clone was designed to have accelerated growth to create an adult subject more rapidly, however it failed, and in result they had a cloned infant. During the course of extracting the DNA, they modified it to bring out the strength contained in his Klingon side of the DNA, and the Telepathic abilities of the Ullian DNA, while still keeping subject 117 looking human. They also modified subject 117s sight, giving him the ability to see things normal humans can't, and magnify light sources allowing him to see in the dark. Subject 117s hearing was also modified, giving him the ability to hear things from long distances and also hear sounds on frequencies outside the range of a normal human. On top of this his lung capacity was also increased, allowing him to hold his breath for extremely long periods of time.

While the accelerated growth did fail to bring the infant to an adult age more rapidly, it did have a few side effects worth mention. Subject 117s body now has the ability to heal at an exceptional rate, and does not seem to age nearly as rapidly as other humans.

After Jon Reached the age of 7, Jon escaped the institute, and decided to settle down on Mars, learning human history, he enrolled himself in school. Using computer programs and holograms, he managed to keep the fact he had no family a secret. Eventually enrolling in FMC Academy.
EDUCATION: Franklin Elementary: Kindergarten 2nd Grade
Redlands Academy: 3rd grade 12th Grade
Federation Marine Corps Academy:
-BS: Aviation: Flight
-BS: Psychology
-BS: Criminal Justice
-AS: Behavioral Sciences
-AS: Aviation: Maintenance
CAREER HISTORY: Graduated FMC Academy Top of his class
Assigned to the FMC 52nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, 452nd Force Reconnaissance Company.
Sent for more training:
-12 Weeks: Basic Reconnaissance Course School of Infantry, Mars
-16 Weeks: Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape Training Marine Air Station, Vulcan
-4 Weeks: FMC Airborne School, Orbital Skydiving New Fort Benning, Tagra 3
-9 Weeks: FMC Combat Leadership Course New Fort Benning, Tagra 3
-2 Weeks: FMC Sniper School New Fort Benning, Tagra 3

*Further Career History Classified*
SPECIALTIES: Land Navigation
Sea Navigation
Air Navigation
Space Navigation
Operations against Guerrilla Units
Terrorism Awareness
Infantry Patrolling
Guerrilla Tactics
Combatant Diving
Scout Sniper
Free Fall
Dive Supervisor
Hand to Hand
MEDALS: 2013-09-11

Good Conduct Medal (Two Year)


Good Conduct Medal (One Year)

HISTORY: Character Created - June 5, 2012