Mackenzie Hopkins

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NAME: Mackenzie Hopkins
RANK: Starfleet Marines -- Lieutenant-Colonel
SIMULATION: Shattered Universe
ASSIGNMENT: Marine Executive Officer
DEPARTMENT: Ghost Rider - Marines
SPECIES: Human / El Aurian
AGE: 209
HEIGHT: 6' 6"
WEIGHT: 182 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dirty Blond
HOME: Hopkins Ranch, Southern Texas
INTERESTS: Mack likes to spend his free time working on Fighters. When he's not busy, he can often be found assisting the crew chief with his fighters maintenance. When not working on, or flying Fighters, he likes to spend time on the holodeck in a recreation of his familyís ranch.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Kenneth Hopkins (Deceased)
Mother: Sophzan (Alive)
Sister: Jennifer Hopkins (Alive)

Mack was raised by his father from the time he was old enough to help out around the ranch. While his mother was present, she seemed more content to just assist him with his studies. While Mack did well at schooling, he seemed to prefer working with his hands, and did well on the Ranch. Late in his fatherís life, his parents conceived a second child, Jennifer while old by human standards, she is 150 years younger than Mack, and he has a tendency to treat her like a younger sister, something she's grown to accept over the years. Despite his long carrier in the SFMC, Mack tries to get home as often as he can, and keeps a holo-program of his home with him on every assignment.
EDUCATION: Kindergarten - 8th Grade: Home schooled on Family Ranch
9th Grade - 12th Grade: Kennedy County High School
Adams University: BS Aerospace Maintenance
White University: BS Aviation Flight
White University: BS Computer Sciences
CAREER HISTORY: 2361: Star Fleet Marine Corps Basic Training
2361: Star Fleet Marine Corps School of Infantry
2361: Star Fleet Marine Corps Sniper School
2362: 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine's, Assigned as Infantry Rifleman - Private
2363: 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine's, Promoted Private First Class
2364: 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, Promoted - Lance Corporal
2366: 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Battalion, Force Reconnaissance Company - Corporal
2368: 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Battalion, Force Reconnaissance Company - Scout Sniper
2369: Assigned USS Ticonderoga, 2nd Platoon - Scout Sniper, Promoted Sergeant
2370: Transferred to Maintenance, Attended Star Fleet Marine Corps Fighter Mechanic Training, SFMC Air Station Vulcan
2372: Assigned to USS Sparta, Assistant Crew Chief, Valkyrie class, Tail Number 56723
2373: Promoted to Staff Sergeant, Assigned as Dedicated Crew Chief, Tail Number 79234
2375: Assigned second Aircraft, Tail Number 79442
2376: Transferred to SFMC Air Station Vulcan, Fighter Mechanic Trainer, Promoted Gunnery Sergeant
2380: Promoted to Master Sergeant
2381: Retired from Star Fleet Marine Corps
2382: Applied for SFMC Officer Candidates School, Accepted
2382: 1st Year Cadet, Force Recon Cadet
2383: 2nd Year Cadet, Force Recon Cadet
2384: 3rd Year Cadet, Aviation Cadet
2385: 4th Year Cadet, Aviation Cadet, Graduated with Honors
2386: Assigned USS Sparta, 2nd Lieutenant, Gryphon Class, Tail Number 75626
2386: Assigned as Flight Lead
2387: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
2387: Transferred to USS Cambrain
2389: Promoted to Captain
2391: Assigned as MXO
2391: Promoted to Major
2394: Transfered to USS Ghost Rider
2394: Assigned as Marine Commanding Officer
2394: Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
SPECIALTIES: Flight Maneuvers
MEDALS: 2013-09-11

Good Conduct Medal (One Year)

HISTORY: Character Created - June 5, 2012
Character Assigned to USS Ghost Rider - June 7, 2012
Medal Given on USS Ghost Rider - September 11, 2013
Character Transfer - August 24, 2014