Harrad Marek

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NAME: Harrad Marek
RANK: Starfleet -- Commander
EMAIL: huhwhatfer@xxxx.xxx
SIMULATION: Shattered Universe
ASSIGNMENT: Executive Officer / CINT
DEPARTMENT: Ghost Rider - Command Staff
SPECIES: Human/Orian
AGE: 42
HEIGHT: 6' 5"
WEIGHT: 192 lbs
EYE COLOR: Dark Green
HOME: S.S. Red Dawn
INTERESTS: Harrad has always been interested in the Martial Art forms of various species, and has studied more then a few of them, combining some of the moves and techniques into his own personalized form of fighting. He has also been interested in many weapons, both projectile, and bladed, as well as some blunt weapons.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: James Marek S.S. Red Dawn Tactical and Security
Mother: Daila S.S. Red Dawn CO
Harrads Mother was a Orion Slave Girl sold to the Capt of the S.S Red Dawn, after watching the goings on of the ship for long enough she decided that she could do better than current Capt, who tended to spend most of his earnings on women. Daila talked with James and worked out a plan to take over the vessel. When the dust settled, the only two crew left alive were Daila and James. Daila declared herself the new CO, and spaced the bodies of the former crew. 16 months later the ship was a well suspected smuggling vessel, though no authorities were ever able to prove it. While the Ship has ties with the Orion Syndicate, they have never actually joined. 3 years after taking over the ship, Daila gave birth to Harrad.

Harrad and his parents had a bit of a falling out when Harrad decided not to join the crew, and instead left for Star Fleet Academy. He has since become an expert at the capture of smugglers, though has never turned his efforts on the S.S. Red Dawn and his Parents.
EDUCATION: Harrad was born and raised on the S.S. Red Dawn, a civilian Transport ship that was used quite often for smuggling. While his Human Father was very insistent that he got a real education, his mother was more interested in the smuggling side. Harrad managed to gain a understanding of both. By the time he was 17 he had the equivalency of a Earth High School Education, and about 10 years of smuggling experience.
CAREER HISTORY: *Left the SS Red Dawn at the age of 18, and applied for Star Fleet Academy.
*Accepted into Star Fleet Academy after a very thorough investigation into his history.
*Granted Admission as a probationary Cadet with the warning that any evidence of illegal activities of any kind will result in immediate dismissal from the Academy *Graduated 3rd in Class after 3 years, a year earlier then most graduates.
*Assigned to the USS Redemption as an Ensign, Security Officer
*Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
*Given commendation for efforts on a Intel Gathering Mission
*Transfered to USS Ravenwood
*Assigned as Assistant Intelligence Officer
*Promoted to Lieutenant
*Assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer
*Transfered to Deep Space 4
*Assigned as Station Executive Officer / Chief Intelligence Officer
*Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
*Transfered to the USS Firewall
*Promoted to Commander
*Assigned as Executive Officer
*Transfered to USS Ghost Rider
*Assigned as Executive Officer
Under Cover Work
Intel Gathering
Martial Arts
MEDALS: 2013-09-11

Good Conduct Medal (Two Year)


Good Conduct Medal (One Year)

HISTORY: Character Created - June 5, 2012
Character Assigned to USS Ghost Rider - June 7, 2012
Medal Given on USS Ghost Rider - September 11, 2013
Medal Given on USS Ghost Rider - September 11, 2013
Character Transfer - August 24, 2014