Rick "Red" Barlow

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NAME: Rick "Red" Barlow
RANK: Starfleet -- Captain
EMAIL: fsfgabe@xxxx.xxx
SIMULATION: Star Trek: Renaissance
AGE: 39
HEIGHT: 5ft 10in
WEIGHT: 178lbs
HOME: Titan, Saturn Moon
INTERESTS: Tinkering. Social Drinker. Practiced Pugilist and Gunfighter
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Jefferson Barlow
(~Engineering Officer)
Mother: Gloria Nielson
(~Medical Technician)
EDUCATION: Rector Academy of Engineering
-Masters in Mechanical Sciences and Astronomic Engineering
Starfleet Academy
~Graduate of Engineering Academy
~High Marks in Fields of Engineering
CAREER HISTORY: Grew up on Saturn’s satalite moon, Titan, his family one of the first to build Rector Station that is now Starbase 27, Rick Barlow was an avid study and a quick thinker as if his father and his father before him. He fell into the Engineering Section of Space Exploration at an early age, helping his father, Jeff Barlow, with the inner workings of the Starbase and Titan Colonies that are now long since established. This premature field of practice made him a shoe in for attending Rector Academy of Engineering, coming out with a Masters in Mechanical Sciences and Astronomic Engineering.

After a time still on station, “Red,” decided it was time to branch out, and thus joined Starfleet, again, his field of study focused on Engineering concepts and practices. He learned a great deal and, just six months later, was serving as a Second Engineering Mate onboard the Akira Class starship, Titan, under command of Captain Tom Ferguson (Admiral).

Red only served his two year term, enough to warrant the requirments for his intership. Eventually, he found himself on the Colonial front, serving as Second Engineering Officer onboard the Colonial ship Mayflower, commanded by Captain Harold Orghen. Rick seemed to find his place, setting in practices he had learned earlier in his life to brandish an edging endeavor towards the ships colonial practices. He served as the Chief Engineering Officer for 3 months during the Metar Colony expedition which founded the Second Phased colony on Ildius 3. However, due to the incident and the attack on Metar, Rick was called back to the Mayflower where he eventually was transfered to the U.S.S. Eternity-A, commanded by Commander James Maxwell.

Under Jim Maxwell's Command, the Eternity-A played a critical role in stopping the Romulan Faction, The Follower's of Nero. When the Eternity was destroyed, Rick Barlow was among the surviving crew. With what he saw the Fringe War to be nothing more than a land grab opportunity, Rick decided to cast out his regard for the Federation where in he was enlisted into the Council where he would spend the next two years as lead project and designer of the Cerberus Class starship, Starfleet's first Transwarp capable vessel. He put himself into the project, taking what technology and skills he learned during the Fringe to give his creation a better existence than that of the previous Eternity.

The new Eternity was a marvel of technological grace, transwarp capable, vastly powerful than any runabout, and the spearhead in Starfleet's attempts in cloak technology. Red prided himself on fabricating the Tachyon Core by hand, the technological backbone of the ship's nanoweaved hull and its ability to react to tachyon particles for both transwarp and cloak.

When the Eternity was taken by the Borg, the systems designed turning against and murdering the bulk of the crew, Barlow was lost in grief, his creation steaming death to his friends. He shelled himself in torment for as long as he could as he was placed back into service onboard the scavenged wreckage of the Intrepid Class starship Hope, a fitting name for a life line.

Barlow worked as a Mercenary for Jetan Remsen, his first mission a failure, he resolved himself to being on his own, far away from the crew of Hope and its Captain, alone among the density and vastness of the Borderlands. He found work here and there, just enough to get by, fixing and fabricating, staying clear of situations that would lend themselves into a fight.
SPECIALTIES: Creative Thinking in the Field of Quantum Physics and Engineering. Master Craftsman and Fabricator.
HISTORY: Character Created - August 3, 2012
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Eternity - August 4, 2012
Promotion on Star Trek: Eternity - December 28, 2012 - Captain from Lieutenant Commander
Character Transfer - January 10, 2016