Amelia 'Mia' Moore

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NAME: Amelia 'Mia' Moore
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
SIMULATION: Star Trek: Renaissance
ASSIGNMENT: Chief Science Officer
AGE: 31
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 112#
EYE COLOR: Deep Green
HOME: Colonie, New York
INTERESTS: Since they were stranded in the Badlands, Mia has spent a lot of time identifying and classifying plants and animals for possible food sources for the crew. She's spent a lot of time trying to create a vegetable garden and a zoological area on the ship where they could raise crops and animals. She's also been working on plans to turn the Memorial hall into a nature park of sorts. Although it's still only in the very beginnings of planning.

Her other interest is Colin, and hopes of someday getting past the wall of command that separates them romantically.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father - Dr. Jason Moore, MD, GP
Mother- Leandra Dellos, Horticulture Specialist, Terra Forming instructor
Brother- Jefferson Moore; LtJg: Astrometrics officer on the Science vessel "Eclipse"
Marital Status: Single
Children: NONE

EDUCATION: Biography:
Amelia, or as she prefers Mia, Moore was born on Earth to Dr and Mrs Jason Moore of the small city known as Colonie in the State of New york. She and her brother, Jeff, were introduced to medical science at an early age. Jefferson however decided to follow his heart and study the stars. Four years older than Mia he left to study at the Astral Academy on the distant planet of Vulcan. While Mia stayed home and acted as her fathers assistant, during her schooling at the New Bern Science Academy. At the age of 17 she graduated with a diploma in General Sciences, with a concentration in Xenobiology and Life Sciences. Still unsure as to her career path of Medical or Science she applied to and was accepted at Star Fleet. Furthering her education and skills in both areas, she continued to have difficulty in choosing one path. She applied to both the Medical and the Science academies and was accepted at both. For the next few years she worked at completing both concentrations.
At the age of 26.8 she graduated from both academies and was assigned to her first post on the science Vessel USS Archimedes.

-Academy of Sciences School of New Bern: General Sciences, XenoBiology, Life Science
-Starfleet Academy; Basic Training
-Starfleet Medical Academy; Medical Training, Xenobiology, Inter-species specializations
-Starfleet Science Academy; Life Sciences Specialization; Secondary concentrations in Astral and Physical Sciences
CAREER HISTORY: -USS Archimedes- Small science Vessel: Crew compliment 50: Jr Science officer, Assistant Medical officer
-USS Eternity - Assistant Science Officer, Field Promotion to Lt. Acting Chief of Science
- Top Secret - Cerberus Project -Within SB354
- With the destruction of the USS Eternity, she, along with the rest of the Eternity's survivors have taken the Derelict vessel USS Hope to escape the BORG and are now somewhere in the borderlands, doing what they can to stay alive.
SPECIALTIES: -xenobiology, Nanotechnology
- instrumental in the design and building of the Ceberus class vessel, USS Eternity (B).. though not of her own volition.
- hydroponics and botany have been used foremost in the Badlands - Skills she learned from her mother during her childhood.
MEDALS: 2012-12-28

Purple Heart of Gallant

HISTORY: Character Created - August 4, 2012