Scott Trent Orlan

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NAME: Scott Trent Orlan
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Junior Grade
: None
AGE: 28
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 6'1"
HOME: Luna, New Berlin, Sector 001, Al
FAMILY HISTORY: Scott was born on Earth on April 5th, 2363, on the 300th anniversary of "First Contact". Interestingly enough, his life could have been much different if not for his early birth, which was two weeks early. Had he been born as planned, his parents and family would have been on the USS Olympia, his father having been assigned as a Lieutenant on the starship before her eight-year explorative journey. That ship was lost with all hands and discovered in 2371.

With his parents being alive and in the Sol system, they were able to be around him during his youth. While his mother encouraged him to be academically successful, his father's influence lead him to want to join Starfleet and explore the galaxy.

His interest in technology made him a bit of a social outcast in his mid-to-late teens. However, this didn't phase him too much, as learning about engineering and scientific principles were of more interest to him. By the time he was in Starfleet Academy, he already knew his career goals.

After pursuing engineering courses at Starfleet, he received his first assignment as an engineering officer. Though working on a lower team, his time on the USS Venture helped him learn how to work well with a mature team of officers. This experience slowly helped him to be recognized for his abilities, so that by the time he was transferred to the USS Noralus, he was already part of the senior team working with the chief engineer. Eventually, the option opened up for Scott to also assist as the ship's operations manager during the evening shifts. While providing another point of view of starship operations, this also helped Scott to better appreciate what he had been doing since graduating from the academy. He could fully see how things worked on a ship through his work as an engineer, and with some bridge experience, he was now able to see how command decisions and starship management played a role in what was going on in engineering.

In 2387, after a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and a transfer to Starbase 74, Scott had the opportunity to serve as the immediate subordinate to the station's operations officer. With increased responsibility and workload, Scott became very much career oriented, more so than he had been initially. This position not only lead to even further experience, but it also taught him how to handle an excessive workload, prioritization, and delegation.

Another perk of this position was the time Orlan was able to spend with several Bynars. Their unique culture and society gave a new insight into computers and networking and a stronger appreciation for the technology that many cultures had come to rely upon.

With this experience, Scott was well prepared for the task of serving as operations manager of a Galaxy-class starship. Having served on one before, namely the USS Noralus, he was well familiar with the capabilities and specs of such a vessel. Now he would have the chance to serve in a truly unique capacity.
CAREER HISTORY: Education: Starfleet Academy (2381-2384)
Service Jacket:
-USS Venture (2384-2385): Junior engineering officer
-USS Noralus (2385-2387): Engineering officer, assistant operations manager
-Starbase 74 (2387-2388): Operations and engineering assistant
-USS Eternity (2388-2391): Chief operations officer
-USS Hope (2391-Present): Chief operations officer
Specialties: Starship operations, warp field theory, computer operations, and theoretical astrophysics.
HISTORY: Character Created - August 6, 2012
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Eternity - August 7, 2012
Character Removed from Star Trek: Eternity - April 14, 2013