Marisol Hocevar

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NAME: Marisol Hocevar
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Commander
SIMULATION: Star Trek: Renaissance
AGE: 40
GENDER: Female
HOME: Home: Earth, Campeche, Mexico
INTERESTS: Marisol still loves a pickup football match.

She also enjoys cooking for her friends.

She has a rich singing voice, and loves to get the chance to sing with musical accompaniment.
FAMILY HISTORY: Family History:
Mother: Soledad Gabriella Hocevar
Father: Miguel Sandoval Hocevar
Alejandro Hocevar
Salvator Hocevar
Enrique Hocevar
Miguel Hocevar, jr.

Marital Status: Married
Husband: Capt. Talla Vreenak
Children: None
EDUCATION: Universidad de Mexico Nacional - Major in Engineering and Avionics, minor in applied sciences. Women�s Futbol, 3 years striker, 2 years winner of the �Rooney� international award for outstanding skill and goals scored.

Starfleet Academy � Engineering, Avionics, Positronics
CAREER HISTORY: USS Repulse, NCC-4217: Flight Maintenance Chief, 8th Bomb Group, commanding all maintenance, repair, and upkeep/upgrade of the squadron of �Dauntless� PTB�s (Photon Torpedo Bombers) assigned to the vessel. Duration of post: 1 yr, 8 mo., until the vessel�s destruction. Received honorable mention in dispatches for her efforts to launch her entire squadron prior to the loss of USS Repulse. Lt. jg Marquez, though not a pilot, managed to launch and fly the final PTB from the vessel with a few seconds remaining, saving the life of one of her flight mechanics and herself, in addition to the complete extraction of the squadron.

NAS Tranquility: Flight Maintenance Chief, 8th Bomb Group. Lunar station posting. Duties were identical to those performed as FMC while aboard ship. Length of service: 7 years, 4 months. Awarded honorable discharge.

StarFleet Re-Enrollment: Applied for and was accepted to StarFleet Re-Enrollment Program. After a course of training at StarFleet Academy, readmitted to StarFleet at her previous rank of Lt. jg.

NAS Tranquility: Flight Maintenance Chief, 11th Torpedo Squadron, commanding all maintenance, repair, and upkeep/upgrade of the squadron's "Dauntless" QTB's (Quantum Torpedo Bombers). Lunar station posting. (It should be noted that upon her return to Earth and promotion, Lt. Marquez was offered chief engineer positions aboard USS Enterprise-E, USS Ticonderoga, and the newly refitted USS Repulse. Citing personal reasons, she declined each billet as offered, in favor of her current assignment.) Records also indicate an advanced independent study in nanotechnologies, with emphasis on xeno-nanite construction and programming. Her work in this field has lengthened the service life of StarFleet model "Dauntless" PTB/QTB craft, in addition to refit of the fleet's aging STC-90 series "Mamba" tactical fighter for duties as a close assault anti-ship weapons delivery system. A sudden reallocation of squadron funding hastened the retirement and decommissioning of the 11th. Now recently divorced, Lt, Hocevar was ordered to oversee and consult the closing audit and inventory of all squadron assets.

USS Hope, NCC 121711: Assistant Chief Engineer. In 2391, USS Hope was fitted with slipstream technology and ordered to begin trials. On one such trial, a disastrous malfunction stranded the ship in the furthest reaches of the Delta Quadrant. Using only her warp drive capabilities and historical data from the similar "Voyager" stranding, USS Hope went about finding the most expedient route back to the Alpha Quadrant. During the two years in Delta, they were beset by a number of hostiles, resulting in many crew casualties, the Captain and First Officer included. Cdr. Talla Vreenak, Chief Engineer, assumed command, promoting Lt. Hocevar to Chief Engineer, and the rank of LtCdr. In 2393, USS Hope discovered a surviving corridor of the Borg Transwarp network. Accessing this corridor provided access to the Gamma Quadrant, and the Bajoran wormhole, thus assuring their homecoming.

2394 - 2397: Assigned Star Fleet Engineering HQ, San Francisco, CA. Primarily due to Fleet publicity outreach, several of Hope's officers found themselves with a shore billet. In addition to public relations appearances and guest lecture engagements, LtCdr Hocevar performed necessary technical debrief on slipstream experience and the alient technologies of the Delta Quadrant. Having already been an outspoken proponent of Romulan territorial rights to the Ildius system, LtCdr. Hocevar worked closely with Cdr. Vreenak on diplomatic and public interest initiative campaigns. This similarity of viewpoint is believed the catalyst of their romantic relationship.

USS Hope, NCC-121711-A: Chief Engineer. Launch date pending.
SPECIALTIES: Specialties: Rapid diagnostics, resourceful, tenacious
HISTORY: Character Created - August 8, 2012
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Eternity - August 9, 2012
Promotion on Star Trek: Eternity - December 28, 2012 - Lieutenant Commander from Lieutenant
Character Transfer - January 10, 2016