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NAME: Tyvok
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Junior Grade
EMAIL: jdcariad@xxxx.xxx
: Bridge Crew
SPECIES: Vulcan/Human
AGE: 50
HEIGHT: 6' 1
WEIGHT: 180 lbs.
HOME: Raal, Vulcan
INTERESTS: Always the consummate Vulcan, Tyvok enjoys continuing his studies and often spends his off time gathering new information on his current mission. He considers his job very interesting and does not do much outside of work. He spends the little free time he schedules for himself meditating or making the occasional visit to a holodeck to train.
FAMILY HISTORY: - Father: Sitol, Vulcan Ambassador
- Mother: Kaye Duncan, Chief Science Officer, USS Falchion
EDUCATION: - Vulcan Medical Institute - General Medical Studies, Psychology
- Starfleet Academy - Cadet - Graduated with honors in Psychology, Space Psychology, Exopsychology, Diplomatic Studies, Advanced Tactics
- Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. - Field Studies
CAREER HISTORY: - Starbase 39, Junior Diplomatic Officer
- USS Castus, Diplomatic Officer
- USS Pryderi, Security/Tactical Officer
- Outpost 471, Diplomatic Officer
- USS Hope, Tactical Officer
- USS Eternity,

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Tyvok was born on the planet Vulcan in the city of Raal to a Vulcan father and Human mother. His father, Sitol, was a highly respected Vulcan Ambassador that worked closely with the Federation during some of it's most delicate diplomatic issues. His mother was a Science Officer assigned to a diplomatic envoy that Ambassador Sitol was at the head of. They slowly began to work more closely together as time went on and eventually they wed on Vulcan, shortly after, Tyvok was born. Tyvok spent the majority of his childhood bouncing about from one Federation starship or outpost to another as his parents missions often took them in separate directions. Eventually, this led to to much friction in his parents relationship and their marriage came to an end, with Tyvok being left in his mothers care from then on out. His father would visit occasionally, only when his work would allow and therefor Tyvok's relationship with his father and understanding of the his Vulcan ways was virtually non existent until his teen years when a curious Tyvok would ask his mother to allow him some time to study his heritage on Vulcan in an attempt to bridge the gap between his two halves. Under the watchful eye of his grandparents, Tyvok would end up spending the rest of his teenage life on Vulcan, studying their ways and their cultural history. He slowly but certainly embraced his father's culture as a way to deal with the feelings of abandonment he felt about his father. However, when it came time for the choice of the Kolinahr, Tyvok struggled and ultimately rejected this ritual and it's result of an emotionless being. He considered this to be somewhat of an insult to his other half; his Human mother's half.

When Tyvok turned 18, he accepted a position to study at the Vulcan Medical Institute. He focused his efforts on the study of psychology and other mental sciences, but ultimately felt the Vulcan school to be limited in its teaching of other cultures. He left without completing his degree after two years. Shortly thereafter he contacted his mother and was able to get transport off world to a Starfleet Academy annex and submitted his application. He was rightfully accepted and began his course studies in diplomacy as well as psychology and exopsychology. His academy years went well and were fairly uneventful. He found the Starfleet material less limiting than that of the Vulcan's. He graduated with honors in diplomatic studies as well as psychology and a minor degree in advanced starship tactics. Before accepting his first official assignment however, Tyvok instead decided to join the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps as a junior officer on Starbase 39. There he would learn about how law and order truly exist in the Federation. He would spend two years at Starbase 39 before the Chief of the Corps would recommend him for his first solo assignment aboard a starship.

The USS Castus was a brand new vessel, barely out of spacedock when Tyvok joined her crew as a Diplomatic Officer. Tyvok would spend the next two years serving on the fine ship. His tactical skills were called upon many times while serving, giving him time to really exercise his talents manning a Bridge station. The Castus earned her merits in battle and Tyvok would find himself acting as a grief counselor on more than one occasion as a few of his comrades fell. Tyvok eventually transferred to the USS Pryderi; where he would serve as a Security and Tactical Bridge officer and would participate, and sometimes help facilitate, first contact with a few small worlds as they explored the galaxy.

Eventually a life arguing with small minded politicians and putting out small fires among dignitaries would become a little tiresome for Tyvok and after a promotion for his efforts, he requested transfer to something a bit more subdued. He was assigned to a Federation outpost in the Beta Quadrant, which perhaps would prove to be a little too relaxed for someone such as Tyvok, who was always interested in the exploration of new worlds. He would serve at the outpost for two years, the majority of his duties involving negotiations between the outpost and the indigenous inhabitants of the world. Nearing the end of his duties at Outpost 471, he heard the USS Hope was about to embark on a mission of deep space exploration in the Delta Quadrant, a largely unfamiliar place for the Federation. The thought of this intrigued Tyvok and he submitted his name in the running for the Hope's Tactical Officer...
SPECIALTIES: Tyvok is a very capable security and tactical Bridge Officer. He draws on his past history in the Diplomatic Corps to find the most sensible and logical conclusion to each mission he is assigned to. He ponders that there is often a peaceful solution to every problem one is faced with and it is up to the individual to use their knowledge and instincts to find that solution.
HISTORY: Character Created - August 13, 2012
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Eternity - August 17, 2012
Character Removed from Star Trek: Eternity - November 27, 2012