Pryderi Llyr

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NAME: Pryderi Llyr
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
ASSIGNMENT: Assistant Science Officer
: Sciences
SPECIES: Joined Trill
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5' 8
WEIGHT: 135 lbs.
HOME: Trill
INTERESTS: Llyr likes to continue his studies of cultures and archaeology. Besides that, Llyr has always had a soft spot for the arts, music and theater in particular, once his host was considered one of the finest Trill actresses of her generation. He often studies various musical and performance styles from different cultures. Llyr also has a knack for writing and therefor has written a few holo-novels in his time.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Cytus Ryl
Mother: Lionna Indo
EDUCATION: Starfleet Academy
- Stellar Cartography
- Exoarchaeology
- Astrophysics
- Warp Theory
CAREER HISTORY: The Trill symbiont known as Llyr was born on Trill in the year 2125. His first host was a local astronomer in a small town on the homeplanet of Trill. Llyr's love for the stars began with this host, Mylon. He was a young man, with a lot of ambition and he was married to his career. This led to Llyr developing quite the knack for the sciences early on, something he has carried with him through all his successive hosts. After the death of Mylon in 2193, Llyr's career path took a pit stop when he was placed with the female host Siali. Siali was a renowned actress on Trill and traveled all over the country expressing her art. With Llyr's drive now existing with her, there was really nothing stopping her. She would go on to garner many awards for her musical and stage prowess, until she was stricken with a serious illness and died at the young age of 2228. With the quite sudden death of Siali, Llyr was left without a host. A new host was found in a young up and coming physicist named Cris. Cris would go on to be Llyr's longest host to date and they would spend nearly 68 years joined until Cris' death in 2296. Cris was where Llyr gained most of his knowledge of the cosmos. His next host would be a stellar cartographer serving aboard a Federation starbase as a visiting scientist from Trill in the Alpha Quadrant. He would serve on this and several other starbases throughout the quadrant for 62 years until his death in 2356. His next host would be a young Starfleet Science Officer by the name of Rytan. Rytan would eventually become a well respected Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Castus. Rytan became quite the skilled officer before dying after only 10 years joined with Llyr in the year 2366 from an injury sustained while on duty.

2366, the year the entity known as Pryderi Llyr was born. Pryderi the host was born on the Starfleet vessel the USS Arthur in the year 2354. His father was a Science officer on board and his mother the Chief Engineer and a joined Trill herself. Pryderi would drift around with his parents from posting to posting until he turned 18 and decided to make a career out of Starfleet himself. He applied and was accepted in 2372 at the age of 18. Something drew him to the sciences and that's what eventually struck a cord with him. He graduated the Academy in 2377 with an expertise in stellar cartography and exoarchaeology. This same year would be when the Trill Symbiosis Commission would contact him in regards to the symbiont, Llyr. He was immediately joined with Llyr and shortly thereafter, he was assigned to his first posting on board the USS Bravery as a Science Officer. He served there for a short time before his specialties got him transferred to the new USS Odyssey.
SPECIALTIES: Stellar Cartography and Exoarchaeology
HISTORY: Character Created - September 14, 2012
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Project Origin - September 20, 2012