Sarah Jamieson

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NAME: Sarah Jamieson
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Commander
: None
AGE: 31
GENDER: Female
HOME: New York, Earth
FAMILY HISTORY: Mother: Jane Jamieson, Commander (Ret.), Starfleet Intel.
Father: Henry Jamieson
Sibling(s): Emily Jamieson, Chef.
EDUCATION: Education:
New York University (NYU) Physical Education, Physiotherapy, English

Starfleet Academy Operations Management, Flight Control Operations, Combat Flight Operations, Security Management.
CAREER HISTORY: Service Jacket:
Starfleet Marine Corps.
-Assigned to "Fireteam Bravo", Marine Expeditionary Force - Alpha Quadrant
-Specialist Training in Combat Operations, Covert Warfare
-Assigned to special warfare division, Bajoran sector, "Theta Team"
-<|Classified Operations, Level Six Access Required|>
-Assigned to pilot training, air combat maneuvers and combat operations.
-Sub orbital combat operations within the Alpha quadrant, under command authority of MEF - Alpha.
-Transfer to Starfleet requested
-Transfer accepted, current assignment Lieutenant (JG), Helmsman, U.S.S Eternity-A
-Promoted to Lieutenant, Currently serving on the U.S.S Eternity-A
-Retired from Starfleet citing personal reasons

Sarah began her career the same as any marine, she was assigned to the Marine Expeditionary Force - Alpha Quadrant (MEF-A) as a member of Fire Team Bravo. She excelled in combat operations and was eventually assigned to the specialist warfare training center on Earth. It was here that Sarah really began to shine, she moved quickly through the training and showed an aptitude for leadership and covert operations. Her training progressed with speed and she was working hard to get ahead of her team mates during each exercise. She was soon recognized by peers and superiors to be a great asset within the team and was constantly called upon for advice from team members and up front leadership by instructors. She finished her training class third and progressed in to the field of Covert Warfare.

Sarah was assigned to "Theta Team" as soon as she had graduated training, the fledgling team was being formed by Sarah's old fire team leader and was designated to combat operations within Bajoran space. Most of the team were young, most had met before and were eager to prove their worth, not only as a team, as individuals. The teams operational value was soon registered with command and the team were moved from live operations to the experimental...

<|Classified -TOP SECRET- Classified -EYES ONLY-|>

Sarah moved forward, she accepted a position within the pilots training program and pushed herself to the limits of what she knew, struggling at first with the concept of fighting a war from a higher altitude and the idea of leveling an area and leaving. Her instructors sent her through the basics of flight three times before she began to get a feel for sub-orbital flight. Sarah immersed herself in the culture, leaving the old her behind and becoming, as far as anyone could see, a fighter-jock. Sarah took her training to the next level and, once she got the pilot attitude drilled in to her, began to fly naturally, forgetting about ground operations and moving skyward with every step. Sarah changed quickly, she finished the middle of the graduating class. Dismayed, Sarah wasn't guaranteed of an assignment and so pushed even harder once graduating, using designated flight hours to prove her worth as a pilot.

A passing commanding officer took pity on Sarah, he had worked closely with her fire team on her first tour and knew what kind of a marine she was. He worked with her and had her assigned to his fighter squadron within the command authority of MEF-A. She had come full circle. Sarah made new friends, her new colleagues worked hard with her so she could excel at flight, she soon became an asset within her squadron and still insisted on flying every designated hour she could to improve.

Sarah requested a transfer to Starfleet, she had seen an open position within the fleet that would allow her to show what kind of a pilot she had become. The helm position on the U.S.S Eternity, a newly built ship, seemed like a prime way to show everyone who she was. Sarah left the marine corps with a heavy heart, she struggled with the decision and was aided by close friends and family. She was leaving a life behind that had been good for her, had shown her life other than on Earth but now it was time for a change. Sarah considered Starfleet as her move to be more settled, she had heard rumors of an ex-marine commander and the assignment couldn't have been move perfect. Surely, as a fellow marine, they would get on well and this would allow Sarah to finally step in to the spotlight.

Sarah spent ten months serving on the U.S.S Eternity, serving as the ship's pilot. During this time she was involved in the Fringe war events and that of the Metar Colony. Sarah served on the assault team that invaded the Vault and was evacuated from the ship moments before the U.S.S Eternity-A was lost.

Sarah retired from Starfleet after the Eternity was lost, citing she wanted to spend more time with her new wife to build a life together.

SPECIALTIES: Excellent pilot, Strong willed, Fast thinker, strategical mind
HISTORY: Character Created - November 13, 2012
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Eternity - November 13, 2012
Character Removed from Star Trek: Eternity - April 28, 2013