Harvey San Dimas

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NAME: Harvey San Dimas
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
EMAIL: HarveySanDimas@xxxx.xxx
: Science
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 5'10
HOME: Cincinnati, Earth
INTERESTS: Harvey holds a ranking of 5th duan in Wushu, with mastery of 5 different hand forms and 5 different weapon forms. Despite such mastery, he has only performed and/or competed in Taolu (demonstration) and has never engaged in open sparring or combat. Instead, he prefers to utilize his skills in a more introspective and meditative manner. However, there was one instance while at the Academy, where Harvey, while practicing his shuang bian (double whipchain) form in the holodeck, did not secure the holodeck doors prior beginning his exercise. An unwitting Klingon cadet entered the deck, right as Harvey was swinging the whips in the direction of the door. Being that Harvey had chosen to use his own personal whipchains as opposed to holo-generated ones, the safety protocols did not activate. The Klingon cadet was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken nose, orbital bone, and several other skull fractures and severe lacerations. Upon administrative review, no charges were brought upon Harvey, only a written warning and mandate that only holo-generated weapons were to be used.
FAMILY HISTORY: Harvey’s father, Dr. Michael San Dimas, 55, is a professor at the University of Cincinnati, in the department of Non-Human Literature. His specific area of study is pre-prophetic Bajoran poetry. He is considered one of the foremost non-Bajoran thinkers on the subject. His mother, Yvonne DiMartino San Dimas, 56, is a white-water rafting enthusiast, running a tour company out of their hometown of Cincinnati which provides trips to some of the Federation’s most challenging rivers. Harvey also has one younger sister, Judy San Dimas, 19. Who is a student at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, studying Music Theory.
EDUCATION: Harvey San Dimas attended his undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University, located in the city of Pittsburgh, on Earth, earning dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Biological Sciences and Chemistry. His application for Starfleet Medical was accepted after a two year waiting period. During which, he volunteered for 18 months at the Vulcan Medical Research Institute as a records technician.

While at Starfleet Medical, Harvey specialized in Neurology and Biochemistry. He served multiple internships, including another stint at the Vulcan Medical Research Institute, and the Federation Center for Neurotrauma. His residency assignments included the Academy Medical Research Center and an assignment within Starfleet Intelligence. Upon completion of his residency program, Harvey decided to forgo a tradition medical/sickbay posting. Instead opting to complete an accelerated PhD program in Inrganic Chemistry at Scripps Research Institute in San Diego in conjunction with Academy.

Upon completion Harvey, was assigned to the science department at the USS Odyssey.
CAREER HISTORY: Harvey’s first go around at the Vulcan Medical Research Institute was as a volunteer records technician. Harvey was responsible for the labeling and tracking of all Tuvan stricken brain tissue samples for the 18 month period he spent on Vulcan. Meticulous by nature, Harvey earned the respect and trust of his Vulcan superiors, who were at first unsure of the Human’s ability to manage the heavily complex record keeping system with minimal supervision.

His performance was rewarded when, upon the termination of his volunteer assignment, Harvey was invited back by the lead scientist to perform one of his Academy mandated internships. Harvey accepted that invitation, spending a double assignment there (two consecutive 4 month assignments). This was highlighted by Harvey’s accidental discovery of a faulty deanimation occurring within an adenine compound in the outer layer of the Vulcan pre-frontal cortex in a number of Tuvan stricken tissue samples. This chance discovery led to an investigation which lasted over a year after Harvey’s departure. However, it was determined that this particular form of de-animation, which after research, was found within the control group as well, was a part of the natural neurological process which brought upon the onset of Pon Farr.

His first residency assignment was within the Nuerotrauma Ward of the Starfleet Academy Medical Research Center. There, he worked under the tutelage of Dr. Pablo Diaz, the Federation’s leading expert in neural regeneration and rehabilitation. His residency program concluded with a year long assignment within the Intelligence wing of Starfleet Medical. There, he engaged in theoretical research Tholian biochemistry. Which Harvey had gone on to describe as “the most puzzling and frustrating assignment of his life”.

While at Scripps, Harvey turned his attention away from the biological sciences and studied inorganic chemistry. However, his dissertation married his experience in both. His Dissertation, titled “The effect of Zeaxanthin (C40H56O2) on the void fraction of dilithium”, was part of Scripps Federation funded research on improving the efficiency of Federation warp technology. It was based on a theory that Federation mined dilithium was more effective in than the sources mined in the Klingon mines of Rura Penthe and Romulan mines of Remus due to the higher density of flora located in the soils of Federation mined planets. Although it wasn't proven in his study, Scripps further experiments are planned with other phytochemicals.
SPECIALTIES: Although never formally studying in this field, Harvey has developed an expert level proficiency in neurochemistry due to his experience at the Vulcan Medical Research Center and Academy Medical Research Center.
HISTORY: Character Created - February 7, 2013
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Andromeda - February 7, 2013
Character Removed from Star Trek: Andromeda - August 13, 2013