Electra Westcott

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NAME: Electra Westcott
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
EMAIL: rachel2feathers@xxxx.xxx
SPECIES: El-Aurian / Human
AGE: 243
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
HOME: SS Kelmore
INTERESTS: Electra's main scientific interests lie in the fields of biological and chemical warfare. She has studied biology, chemistry and toxicology. A decade ago, she began studying nanotechnology and the effects of using nanites as offensive weaponry to kill or control others.

For off-duty hours, she enjoys drinking, gambling and pleasurable company.

For exercise, Electra does fencing and swimming. Electra knows how to defend herself knowing an El-Aurian martial art known as Moktori, which is closest to the Japanese martial Art of Aikido, although she prefers not to have to need to use it or phasers.

Electra is quite cunning and intelligent with a quick mind. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, and demands that others keep up with her.

Electra has published many articles in science journals and spent a number of years doing research with the Vulcan Science Academy.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father - Martus Jinar (deceased)
Mother - Penelope Westcott (deceased)
Older Brother - Toman Jinar (deceased)
Half-Brother - Keto Jinar

Husband - Aldon Maleri (deceased, executed by Electra), Sald Comta (deceased, battle with Keto)

Children - Hektor Ildar Jinar (male, son of Toman), Riktu Maleri (female), Sanara Comta (female, died with father), Tol'on son of Mok' (male, deceased - strangled by mother after during escape)
EDUCATION: Early education by parents on pirate ship - navigation, lock picking, self defence, dirty fighting, pistols and rifles, seduction

Vulcan Science Academy - various science degree, majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Biological and Chemical Warfare, Toxicology

Cold Station 12 Biowarfare Research Station - biowarfare enhancement

Starfleet Academy - specialised in Science and took the opportunity to broaden her scientific skills

Over her life time, Electra has learnt English/Federation Standard, El-Aurian, French, Orion, Klingon, Tellarite, Andorian, Modern Vulcan and Bajoran.
CAREER HISTORY: Around 2017, an El-Aurian pirate captain, Martus Jinar, and the crew of his ship kidnapped some humans from an early space vessel from Earth. He kept one of the spunky human women, Penelope Westcott, as part of his harem, and eventually, the bond between Martus and Penelope grew quite close and intimate. Their first child, Toman, was born less then a year later A couple of years later, Electra was born of the union and spent most of her time on his ship, the SS Kelmore.

Growing up in a pirate ship, she quickly had to earn her keep and was taught all manner of shady & illegal things. She also learnt not to grow attached to people or things, and to live in the moment. Penelope was a strong-willed woman who did what she could to ensure her children had power, and brought them up in a way that would ensure they would flourish.

Toman and Electra were brought up with a view that life is cruel & vicious and if you don't take what you want, the universe will chew you up & spit you out. So, Electra has no problems with manipulating others or using force to make others do what she wants.

Eventually though, their mother grew old and died of old age when Electra was about 60. By then, Electra was actively working as a pirate and became involved in a plot with Toman, who had forcibly taken her as a lover. Neither of them trusted their half-brother, Keto, who had been born to another woman while their mother was still alive. Together, they built up support among the crew before one night, Toman stabbed Martus while he was on the bridge. Keto quickly fled before Toman or Electra could kill him as well.

Within a year, Electra bore a son, who she named Hektor. She stayed on the ship for about twenty more years, learning from one of the other pirates about science and how the simplest methods of using illness could allow the control of others, before heading off alone into the universe with Hektor when Toman died during combat.

Electra headed to Vulcan, where she brought up her son to be strong while she studied formally at the Vulcan Science Academy. After Hektor was old enough, she let him leave and make his own way, but made sure they both kept in contact with each other - something he wanted to.

Since then, she has travelled through known space, exploring the galaxy around her and hunting for Keto. She married a number of times and had a few children - some died by her hand or in battle, some still live.

While travelling to a world on the outer edges, the ship that Electra was travelling in was attacked and she fought bravely with the crew. The captain of that vessel, an Orion named Sald Comta, took her as a mate, and she enjoyed her time travelling from the Orion colony, eventually having a daughter that they named Sanara. However, she did not know that her vengeful half-brother, Keto, had been tracking her and finally found her. Sald's ship was attacked and destroyed while Electra was away, killing both her husband and daughter. By the time she arrived back at the colony, she could do nothing but grieve.

Later on, she was captured by some Tellarite slavers and sold to a Klingon scout as a slave, where she had a half-Klingon son and developed an intense hatred of all Klingons. During an escape attempt two years later, she strangled her son and left his cold corpse with a dagger in the chest to punish the Klingon father.

Two decades ago, she headed back to Vulcan where she worked as a researcher in the Vulcan Science Academy. She became involved in nanotechnology research during this time.

Eventually though, she left the Vulcans and joined up with the Terran Empire's Starfleet, doing quite well in the Academy although she did think it was beneath her at first. Since then, Electra served on various ships, gaining the title of 'Butcher of Caini XI' after being responsible for developing a very virulent engineered bacteriophage virus which spread quickly through Caini XI's biosphere rapidly and caused excruciating death - leave the world still polluted and listed as permanently quarantined.

Recently, Electra has been assigned to the ISS Tyranny as a Science Officer.

SPECIALTIES: Extensive knowledge in:
- Biology and Xeno-biology
- Chemistry and Xeno-chemistry
- Biochemistry and Xeno-Biochemistry
- Toxicology and Xeno-Toxicology
- Biological Warfare
- Chemical Warfare
- Radiological Warfare
- Nanotechnology

Standard knowledge in:
- Computational Methods
- Starship Operations
- Starfleet scientific protocols
- Physics
- Geology
- Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrochemistry
- Warp Sciences
- Temporal Mechanics

Electra has also specialized in being a schemer and manipulator. Electra never forgets those who have wronged her and will plot & scheme to take them out - taking it to an almost game-like obsession in seeing how much she can ruin someone's life. A counselor noted in her patient record that Electra showed homicidal tendencies in a way that she did not like, and taken to Sickbay quite ill the next morning.
HISTORY: Character Created - April 14, 2013
Character Assigned to ISS Tyranny - April 14, 2013