Tiberinus "Tibby" Chance

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NAME: Tiberinus "Tibby" Chance
RANK: SW Fighter Corps -- Lieutenant
EMAIL: spoonymass@xxxx.xxx
ASSIGNMENT: Shadow Three
: Shadow Squadron
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 1.8 meters
WEIGHT: 79 kilograms
EYE COLOR: green
HOME: Corellia
INTERESTS: Tiberinus enjoys flight and dabbles in engineering and computers, having logged in exceptionally long hours in the Engineering Bay and Computer Labs. His short lived term as a CorSec Officer saw him as a computer and security specialist as well as several stints in undercover operations against illegal swoop racing, which, after his career as a smuggler, he found interest in.
FAMILY HISTORY: Wilkins Chance - Father - Deceased
Regina Chance - Father - Deceased

Lonus Nimablu - Foster Father - Alive
Elayne Nimablu - Foster Mother - Alive

Zione Selanne
EDUCATION: Graduate of Corellia Security Academy (CorSec) with exceptional marks in Flight/Fighter Combat and Engineering. Relatively average scores with small arms and hand to hand combat. Graduated with rank of Lieutenant.
CAREER HISTORY: -=- Early Life -=-

  • Childhood - Tiberinus Chance is the orphan child of Wilkins and Regina Chance, both lost in a catastrophic shipping accident. Where this occurred isn't entirely known, however Tiberinus early memories was of Corellia, a spaceport and a woman named Elayne Nimablu who took him in along with her husband Lonus. Though, not ready to become a father, Lonus held Tiberinus in high regards to teaching him much in the way of his profession as a CorSec Enforcer. Still, Tibby always questioned the origins of his real parents, he embraced a good deal of what was taught to him before following in his foster father's footsteps and enlisting in CorSec Academy when he came of age.

  • Corellia Security Academy - Following in his foster father's footsteps, Tibby took to the academy considerably well testing high on the entrance exams before being accepted. He was extremely bright when it came to computer sciences, finding an ability and skill that he honed in practice during his four years at the academy, even getting into trouble generating a new grade for another attendee Fenix Branthor of whom he forged a quick friendship with after the incident. The two seemed as thick as thieves, Tibby helping him with his book work while Fenix returned that help by bolstering the weakness Tibby had with weapons and small arms.

    Another area that Tibby excelled in was Flight and Space Combat, his early years in helping his foster mother's work as a spaceport hand seeping into practices he eventually supplement while in the academy. It turned out very quickly that Tiberinus Chance was the best pilot of his class, taking to it pretty quickly and even outrunning the flight instructor during a few sortes.

    When Fenix didn't make the cut for flight school, subsequently dropping out 2 years before graduation, Tibby became friends with Groex Elrad and Jaysh Ghyron, both flight students themselves but catering a bit of an interest in the way of swoop racing, something of which immediately drew fascination. Several nights when permitted to go off campus, the trio would generally ventured to Agrillat swamps to spectate over the illegal swoop races. It was through these trips that Tibby became infatuated with the sport and met a young up-in-coming racer by the name of Zione Selanne. The two eventually became romantically involved and Tibby considered dropping out of the academy to establish himself as a swoop bike racer, but Zione insisted that he continue, venturing that he had put too much time in his dream of flying to just throw it away.

    Two years later, he graduated from CorSec Academy with honors and a commission as a Lieutenant in patrol with the Airspace Enforcement Division.
  • SPECIALTIES: Space Combat
    Ship Identification and Weakness
    Computer and Security
    Hacking and Cracking
    Infiltration Tactics
    Swoop Bike Racer
    MEDALS: None.
    HISTORY: Character Created - November 1, 2013
    Character Assigned to Star Wars: Shadow Squadron - November 1, 2013