Arana T'Sanni

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NAME: Arana T'Sanni
RANK: Civilian -- No rank.
SIMULATION: Mass Effect: Paradise Lost
SKILLS: Weapon Training
Assault Rifle:
Heavy Pistol:
Sniper Rifles:
Sub-Machine Guns:

Passive Abilities
Ammo Mods:
Biotic Master:
Basic Armor:
Active Abilities
Heavy Biotic Blast:
Biotic Dash:
AGE: 109
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 6' 3
WEIGHT: 152 lbs
HOME: Illium
INTERESTS: Arana hasn’t really taken the time to settle in to new interests. She learned to enjoy Dancing, but can be equally comfortable in an armory performing maintenance on Weapons.
FAMILY HISTORY: Mother: Nizia T’Sanni
Father: Drovug Aknot
Sister: Elessa T’Sanni

Arana is the daughter of a Asari and Krogan from the Blue Suns Mercenary Gang. The Gang had a small presence on Illium trying to gain a foot hold on Eclipse Territory. Her parents we’re both trying for the same position in the gang, and it eventually lead to a fight. Her Father, Drovug decided the easiest way to guerrantee the promotion was to remove the competition. He cornered Nizia and was ready to kill her when she hit him with a biotic blast sending him crashing through the wall and out of the tower they were in. He surprised her by using a biotic charge to reenter the room and slam her into the opposing wall. The fight quickly turned into a draw, neither being able to destroy the other. What started as a rivalry soon turned into something else, and the final result was Arana.

Her parents we’re soon transferred off Illium to Omega, but not before conceiving a second child, Elessa. The two were left in the care of an old family friend, a Retired Turian General Kasus Me’ethis. Who raised them and saw to their Education. Their parents didn’t want them to grow up to be like them, and hoped they could find a better life then working for a Mercenary gang. They got their wish with Elessa, as soon as she was able, she returned to the Home World, Thessia, and began training to become an Asari Commando. Arana on the other hand wanted to follow in her parents footsteps, and tried to join the Blue Suns, however her parents had taken measures against it, and Arana quickly realized she’d been black balled. Having been training it tactics and Combat by Kasus, and having her biotic abilities honed by her sister, and a number of other Biotics known to her Turian Caretaker, she was looking for a fight, but didn’t want to risk joining a rival gang of the Blue Suns, despite getting several offers, she couldn’t risk going up against her parents.

Arana keeps in contact with her sister as best she can, but hasn’t heard from her parents for years.
EDUCATION: Educated by her Caretaker, Kasus Me’ethis, who covered most of her education, including battle tactics, and other forms of combat. Kasus couldn’t teach her about Biotics, for that he called in some favors and got a few private tutors for Arana and her Sister, mostly former Asari Commandos.

Arana’s Skills were honed by her sister after she herself became an Asari Commando. After her Education was ‘finished’ Arana continued learning what she could in a number of subjects. Most of which were related to fighting.
CAREER HISTORY: After becoming old enough to go out and search for a job, she tried to join the Blue Suns, however her parents had her blackballed, and she had to seek alternative employment. Years of training her body for combat had the unintended side effect of giving her extremely good control, stamina, and physic, allowing her to take up dancing. She landed a job at Chora’s Den on the Citadel, and found that the credits she was given dancing left her living a very comfortable life.

Things changed greatly when a Human Alliance Military Commander decided to shut down Chora’s Den, and in a single night, she lost her job. She’d managed to save plenty of Credits, and decided to live off her savings until another job came around. As her savings started to dwindle, she took what jobs came her way. Until receiving an offer from an Unknown source inviting her to Paradise Station.
SPECIALTIES: Despite the obvious Biotic abilities, Arana has always enjoyed the art involved in Marksmanship… her Caretaker, Ret. General Kasus Me’ethis, (made his way through the ranks as an Infiltrator) taught her how to use a sniper rifle. While her Biotics give her the ability to take down a number of targets up close, her abilities with a Rifle give her Long Range capabilities uncommon to most Adepts.
HISTORY: Character Created - November 7, 2013