Urdnot Chatok

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NAME: Urdnot Chatok
RANK: Civilian -- No rank.
EMAIL: huhwhatfer@xxxx.xxx
SIMULATION: Mass Effect: Paradise Lost
ASSIGNMENT: Krogan Soldier
SKILLS: Weapon Training
Assault Rifle:
Heavy Pistol:
Sniper Rifles:
Sub-Machine Guns:

Passive Abilities
Ammo Mods:
Grenade Training:
Combat Master:
Combat Armor:
Combat Medicine:
Active Abilities
Adrenaline Rush:
Concussive Shot:
Proximity Mine:
Dual Omni-Blade:
AGE: 167
HEIGHT: 7' 11
WEIGHT: 842 lbs
HOME: Tuchanka, Clan Raik
INTERESTS: Not your overly typical Krogan, Chatok has interests outside of what’s expected. He’s got an appreciation for Classical Music, and has tried on several occasions to learn to play the violin, though never with any success.

Those interests aside, he’s also got some more expected Interests, he can disassemble and reassemble just about an weapon you can find, and has a love of bladed weapons, and the fear the use of a bladed weapon can bring. He’s also been known to dable in Repair and Maintenance of Shuttles.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Urdnot (Formerly Raik) Arkulek
Mother: Urdnot Jorun

Born to the clan of Raik, one of the few clans that still believed that the Genophage didn’t breed strong warriors, just survivors he was raised to survive. His Father, Raik Arkulek was a Blood Pack Mercenary, who felt strongly that Clan Urdnot needed to be destroyed. He decided to sneak into Clan Urdnot and do away with their leader, however despite his battle prowess, he didn’t even get close before he was intercepted by a team of Female Krogan. They managed to surround him, and despite his objections to what Clan Urdnot was trying to do, Arkulek wasn’t about to kill Females, who could one day give birth to more Krogen. He surrendered to the Urdnot women, and the leader agreed to let him go, under the condition he agree to allow them to escort him beyond Urdnot territory.

Arkulek felt a connection with the leader of the team, Urdnot Jorun, and as time went on, started sneaking back into Urdnot Territory, and was usually “Discovered” by her scouting team. Before long it turned into more of a game than anything else, and Urdnot Jorun began to develop a connection of her own.

Less than a year later, Urdnot Jorun produced a Clutch of almost 100 eggs, though only 1 survived. Born into the Urdnot Clan, Chatok was only raised by his mother till he was old enough to learn to be a warrior, at which time he was brought to his Father. Not willing to turn away someone who could strengthen its ranks of warriors, Clan Raik accepted him as one of their own.

Year’s passed and Raik Chatok followed in his father’s footsteps becoming a Mercenary. It was many years after he’d left the homeworld when he received a message from his mother that tensions between Clans Raik and Urdnot were coming to a head. He returned home, torn between the Clans. He attempted to try and get the Clan Leaders to negotiate a temporary treaty. Urdnot Wrex seemed willing but Raik Kalack refused, and it became obvious War was inevitable. Chatok was torn, should he fight with his Fathers Clan, or his Mothers Clan… before he really had time to consider the options, Raik Kalack banished him from the Clan for being ‘Weak’ and wanting peace over war. Chatok turned to Urdnot Wrex who, being more open, agreed to allow him to help in the coming Fight.

The two Clans met on the field of battle not 2 weeks later, during the course of the fighting, Chatok ran into a Familiar face his father Arkulek. In a brief moment of hesitation, his Father raised his weapon, ready it seemed to kill his own son… but he found he couldn’t do it. Before anything else could be done, Arkulek fell dead, Kalack standing over him, weapon pointed at Chatok. For Chatok, time slowed as the Claymore discharged another shot into his abdomen. The shot should have killed him, but instead it only caused massive internal damage, his armor injected him full of Medi-Gel, and his Physiology pushed him into a blood rage. He charged forward screaming, Kalack trying to quickly reload his weapon, but it was too late, Chatok reached him and drove the bayonet of his rifle straight into the throat of his former Clan Leader. Kalack fell dead, Chatok’s rifle still stuck in him, with the Clan Leader dead, most of Clan Raik decided it was time to fall back.

The Clanless Chatok was approached by Urdnot Wrex, who was always on the lookout for strong warriors for his Clan. Chatok had shown his abilities in battle, and his willingness to stand for Clan Urdnot, and was offered a place in the Clan. Chatok agreed and was named the Leader of Urdnot’s Forces tasked with finishing off Clan Raik.

The ensuing battles we’re brutal, but when the dust cleared most of Clan Raik had been destroyed, the remainder finally decided it was time to accept they could not beat Clan Urdnot, and eventually was absorbed into the Urdnot Clan.
EDUCATION: As a child, Chatok was educated as a Warrior. Krogen schools for kids are somewhat lacking in what most species consider normal education. Most of what Chatok knows of the universe, he had to teach himself. Which is something that isn’t overly difficult for a species as long lived as Krogan to do.
CAREER HISTORY: Chatok left the home world to become a Mercenary, and spent a large part of his time taking Assassination Contracts. Though not showing as much finesse as most Assassins, Chatok proved to be very effective in his application of force to kill a target. Because of his Krogan brutality, he was usually hired when a client wanted to send a message.

When word came in that Clan Raik and Clan Urdnot were going to War, he returned home. (See Family History). After the death of his Father, Chatok remained on the home world for a while, settling into his new Clan. After some time, he decided he needed to get back into space, and returned to his previous life, though he didn’t take nearly as many assignments as he was still processing what had happened on the home world. It was during this time he received a message from an anonymous source to meet a contact on Omega.
SPECIALTIES: Being a Krogan of both the feared Clan Raik, and Clan Urdnot, Chatok specializes in open warfare, having learned 2 very different sets of battle tactics. Being more adaptive then most Krogan, Chatok uses these experiences and training to adapt to most situations. He’s also gained a very strong knowledge of Most weapons, and is very experienced in repairing and modifying them.
HISTORY: Character Created - November 7, 2013
Character Assigned to Mass Effect: Paradise Lost - November 8, 2013