Elias Tovar

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NAME: Elias Tovar
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant Junior Grade
EMAIL: sail3695@xxxx.xxx
ASSIGNMENT: Assistant Medical Officer
: Medical
AGE: 31
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 178 lbs.
HAIR COLOR: dark brown
EYE COLOR: brown
HOME: Smolensk, Russia
INTERESTS: Elias listens to music....intently.....to admire the random moments of mathematical brilliance. He follows the Russian football leagues, but primarily to offer him something to discuss with others, instead of embarking on another lengthy discussion of his latest scientific endeavor. He uses the holodeck, sampling programs he hears his shipmates discussing, but invariably settles for his favorite, "Calypso Dance Party."
FAMILY HISTORY: Mother: Nastia Paplovich Tovar
Father: Dmitri Leonev Tovar

Tatiana (older sister)
Vladimir (younger brother)

Parents are alive and still in Smolensk. Younger brother Vladimir is close by, managing an agricultural co-op in the country. Sister Tatiana is working for an off world industrial interest.
EDUCATION: Smolensk State Medical Academy (2 yrs. pre med, microbiology, focus on virology and epidemiology)

Vulcan Science Academy (particle physics, theoretical physics, xenobiology, xenoentomology-(invitation revoked at request of the directorate for disciplinary issues.)

StarFleet Academy - Fleet Sciences- standard field grade applications, with extended study in microbiology, virology, xenobiology, and xenoentomology.
CAREER HISTORY: Asst. Science Officer, USS Nevada, 2 years.

On loan to the Cousteau Society's Xenocetacean expedition to Melges IV, 2.5 years.

Returned to Regular Fleet status.

USS Stargazer: Assistant Science Officer. Incarcerated upon arrival for charges of Public Drunkenness and Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, (both dismssed), Ens. Tovar served in this position until an away mission resulted in his violent death, attacked by a large creature described as a "werewolf." Tovar's body was taken aboard ship and placed in longterm storage in the morgue, until approx. two weeks later, he revived, free of his injuries, yet displaying signs of severe mental trauma and distress. Dr. Destry Steele took the role of his attending physician, noting behaviors that might seem autistic, or perhaps, the result of savantism. Tovar displayed hyperenhanced sensitivity to smell, touch, vibration, as well as superior visual and hearing ability. These newfound traits, along with his borderline psychotic state, were brought under control by coping methodologies devised by Dr. Steele.

USS Odyssey: 2nd Assistant Medical Officer. Having followed Dr. Steele to her new post as Odyssey's CMO, Tovar served in this position, with the same conditions observed by both CMO Steele and AMO Spanik. An away mission to an irradiated Jem Hadar station saw major changes in not only the ensign's psychological, but also his physiological makeup. DNA damage (deduced the result of two weeks' post mortem decay) was reversed, in addition to four unique pairings added to the double helix structure. While the previously mentioned enhanced senses are still present, Tovar has demonstrated outgoing social tendencies, loyalty to his shipmates, and a positive devotion toward those he considers his friends. Though he's mentioned heritage from an unsubstantiated species known as "the Ly'Kan (a common reference to lycanthropy, and suspected by Dr. Steele to be a coping mechanism for the previously mentioned animal attack), Tovar has demonstrated a robust level of physical health and muscle tone. While a yellowing of his eyes has been witnessed by one member of the crew, no evidence exists of any "Ly'Kan" people, or a perceived ability to shape shift.
SPECIALTIES: He developed joint passions for alien animal physiology, as well as that of the insect species that inhabit the galaxy. While Elias can perform the duties of a science officer to acceptable fleet standards, the fantasy of intelligent first contact with alien insectoid species has quietly driven him onward in StarFleet.
MEDALS: 2014-06-16

Purple Heart of Gallant

HISTORY: Character Created - November 16, 2013
Character Assigned to USS Stargazer (SFOL) - November 18, 2013
Medal Given on USS Stargazer (SFOL) - June 16, 2014
Character Transfer - September 21, 2014
Character Assigned to USS Odyssey - October 14, 2014
Promotion on USS Odyssey - October 20, 2015 - Lieutenant Junior Grade from Ensign