Hannah-Mea Bosson

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NAME: Hannah-Mea Bosson
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
EMAIL: HannahMeaBosson@xxxx.xxx
ASSIGNMENT: Assistant Engineer (AENG)
DEPARTMENT: Engineering
AGE: 28
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 57.1526 Kilo
HAIR COLOR: Black/Brown
EYE COLOR: Dark brown
HOME: Pakistan Earth
INTERESTS: Engineering, Reading, Poker, Smoking local planet life,

Herbal planet life

Drooling when said herbal plant life is smoked
FAMILY HISTORY: Her ancestors had been engineers in the auto industry in Detroit until other means of transport forced them to upgrade their skills to more complex means of conveyance. By the time, Hannah was old enough to walk, She was told about an ancestor whose name is almost lost in history,

Hannah like her Family is a Muslim and pratcies her faith
EDUCATION: In high school, she excelled in mathematics and physical science, and took first place in many science fairs and calculus competitions. She graduated at the age of 17 from high school with High Honors. After she finished her Master's Degree in Nuclear Physics and Warp Dynamics from the Wayne State University, School of Warp Engineering, he wanted to go into Starfleet, but her father, a Warp Core Specialist on the ECA Freighter Papillion, forbade her from it. He thought exploring was a waste of time and she should go into the ECA like him and her uncles had. Having no wish to disrespect her father, though she was old enough to make her own decisions, she did as she was directed and joined his father's ship.
Because of her degree, something hes dad never got, she was commissioned and started off as a Crewman in the ship's Engineering Department. She served seven years in the ECA, five on the Papillion and two on the Hyperion, a larger Atlas Class Freighter. During his last year on the Hyperion, she got the news that his father had been killed along with her uncle, Imran, the ship's Helmsman when the ship was attacked by a ship of unknown configuration and stripped of its cargo and all the crew murdered. she was heartbroken and after her father's funeral, she resigned his commission in the ECA hoping to finally do what she always wanted, explore the galaxy and discover who it was that murdered her father and uncle.
CAREER HISTORY: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Engineering Corps
, AEO, USS Meridian NCC-06
SPECIALTIES: Engineering where no Engineer has Engineered before.

Smoking herbal planet life to help her think out side the box.

Relaxing and watching films like the Wall war of the worlds (original not the remake)
Clock work orange.

midnight munchies after using the herbs

Baking herbs into objects to eat or making drinks with herbs
HISTORY: Character Created - February 17, 2014
Character Assigned to USS Phoenix - February 17, 2014