Vanessa Miller

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NAME: Vanessa Miller
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
SIMULATION: Shattered Universe
ASSIGNMENT: Assistant Science Officer
DEPARTMENT: Ghost Rider - Science
AGE: 32
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 161 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Brunette
HOME: Centerpoint Station
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: (Status: Alive) Dr. William James Miller, Dr.P.H.
Mother: (Status: Alive) Dr. Alessia Vallet-Miller, M.D., C.M.
Siblings: (Status: Alive) Dr. Alexander Miller, V.D.M.

Dossier information provided by the Department of Starfleet Administration.
Doctor Vanessa Miller, M.D. was born thirty-three years ago in the Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary, Canada as the second child of Doctors William James Miller and Alessia Vallet-Miller, also a Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery. Born into a civilian family without any prior military service in the immediate bloodline, Vanessa naturally grew up without any aspiration of applying for a position at Starfleet; twenty-six years later, Starfleet recruiters actually approached her instead of the other way around. Not much else is known about Vanessa’s childhood and it is assumed to be unremarkable. She attended the private Mountain View Academy from kindergarten to twelfth grade, and according to records Vanessa developed herself into an intelligent, highly ambitious but somewhat cocky student over the years.

After her graduation from the Mountain View Academy, Vanessa moved to Cambridge in the United Kingdom where she attended the renowned Cambridge University. After six unremarkable years, at least according to documentation, Vanessa graduated as a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BM BChir) and returned to Canada. Records from the University of Cambridge show Vanessa impressed professors and fellow students alike with her intelligence and highly ambitious nature, but her cocky behavior and condescending attitude towards her fellow students, at times even bordering on plain arrogance or downright narcissism, led her to become somewhat of a loner in those years and left people wondering, at least in hindsight, how she even graduated a medical school with bedside manner as bad as hers.

Following her graduation from Cambridge University Vanessa returned to the North American continent, but instead of going back to Canada the fresh medical graduate went to the State of Maryland in the Eastern United States instead; Baltimore, to be more precise. In the year that followed she attended the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, graduating from their MPH Program in mid-2389 as a Master of Public Health. Similar to her professors at the University of Cambridge however, at the John Hopkins University those who know her all reluctantly agree that although Vanessa Miller has a remarkably sharp mind she simply lacks the social skills to get along with people.

After graduating from the John Hopkins University Vanessa returned to Canada, complete with stellar debts after seven years of studying in both Europe and the United States, and applied for a job at the Public Health Agency of Canada; a local branch of the Federation’s Department of Disease Control and Prevention. That application with an organization aligned to the United Federation of Planets drew the attention of the Department of Starfleet Administration however, and even though Vanessa Miller was never interested in Starfleet or military life in general, the offer of paying her debts in exchange for ten years of service was too good to resist. Aged twenty-five, Vanessa signed up and found herself in the prestigious Starfleet Academy in San Francisco only weeks later.
EDUCATION: Academic Degrees
BM BChir (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)
M.P.H. (Master of Public Health)
M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)

[2360 - 2374] [Age 4 - 18] - Mountain View Academy (Calgary), Kindergarten to twelfth grade
[2374 - 2380] [Age 18 - 24] - Cambridge University (Cambridge), Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery program (BM BChir)
[2380 - 2389] [Age 24 - 25] - John Hopkins University, Master of Public Health program (MPH)
[2389] [Age 25] - Recruited by Starfleet, see Service Jacket
[2389 – 2390] [Age 25 – 26] Starfleet Academy
[2390 – 2391] [Age 26 – 27] Centerpoint Station, Starfleet training
[2391 – 2394] [Age 26 – 30] Centerpoint Station, Doctorate study
Department: Department of Starfleet Applied Sciences
Position: Microbiologist, U.S.S. Ghost Rider, NX-92551

Service Jacket
[2389 – 2390] [Age 25 – 26] [Basic Training] Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
[2390] [Age 26] [Battlefield Commission, Microbiologist] U.S.S. Aspen Hill, NCC-93411
[2390 -2391] [Age 26 – 27] [Specialist Training] Centerpoint Station
[2391 – 2396] [Age 27 – 32] [Biomedical Researcher] Centerpoint Station
[2396] [Microbiologist] U.S.S. Ghost Rider, NX-92551
HISTORY: Character Created - February 26, 2014
Character Assigned to USS Firewall - February 28, 2014
Character Transfer - February 2, 2015