K'Lukara Daughter of House Mok’t

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NAME: K'Lukara Daughter of House Mok’t
RANK: Klingon -- Sogh lagh
EMAIL: gamingmaster2011@xxxx.xxx
AGE: 33
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
EYE COLOR: dark brown
HOME: Qo'noS
INTERESTS: Quirks: Has definite anger issues due to her Klingon heritage which she has to deal with, tends to punch doors, walls etc when angered.
Limitations: Only those she insists on imposing upon herself.
Hobbies and Interests: She has a cedar flute and a water drum. Her hobbies include wood carving and basket weaving.
Talents and abilities: **See hobbies and Interests above as well as Self-Defense Training below

She took part in the following rituals:
The Klingon Age of Ascension Ritual at the age 16 and 18
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: L'Kleth of House of Mok’tor

Mother: Salali "Squirrel" Singingtree

Siblings: none

Spouse: Chu'a "Snake" Blackfeather (deceased)

Children: Peta “Golden Eagle” Blackfeather, 5 yr old, male

K'Lukara married Chu’a (two years her senior) right out of high school and they had a son two years later. Chu’a died in a battle when his ship was ambushed by a rogue group of Romulans.

During the time Chu'a was away she was in the Academy but soon found herself under arrest and placed in the brig for taking part in a bar brawl.

K'Lukara had been the perfect child during her younger years but after marrying young and having a son as well as the stress of the Academy she found herself in with the wrong crowd. In her first year she and a couple other first year cadets got in an altercation, she spent 6 months incarcerated* due to the bar brawl which ensued. This required her to retake the first half of the year and be held back while her peers moved forward.

Through her Klingon and Native American heritage she had the ability to be a warrior but her emotions sometimes got out of hand. She has never been able to accept her Klingon half and sometimes feels overwhelmed by the emotions and energy it provides.
Elementary and Secondary School - Qo’noS

Starfleet Academy:
Majored in: Security and Tactical
Minored in: Science and Medicine

Additional training: Classified
CAREER HISTORY: Classified after leaving the Academy.
Training as a Marine and in Security.

Academy year 1 - she spent 6 months incarcerated for taking part in a bar brawl.

She received a broken wrist in the bar brawl incident after which she was incarcerated. But this has healed and does not give her much of a problem, only paining and becoming stiff occasionally depending on the activities she is doing.
SPECIALTIES: Languages: Federation English, Klingon, Cherokee

Self Defense Training:
Aiki-jujutsu, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Kenjutsu and Shinobi, and the Klingon martial art of Mok'bara
HISTORY: Character Created - March 20, 2014