Skye Turner

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NAME: Skye Turner
RANK: General -- Member
ASSIGNMENT: Girls Dorm Admin., Team leader
: Teachers
SPECIES: Mutant/X-Gene
AGE: 23
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 110 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown with teal/green
HOME: Brooklyn NY
FAMILY HISTORY: Skye Turner was actually born Skylar Hanson. Her mother, Marie Hanson, had a history of mental illness along with documented drug addictions and a light criminal history. When Skye was almost three years old, she was found wandering the streets of her Brooklyn neighborhood in New York City. The child was dirty with ill-fitting clothes and unkempt hair. She was picked up by a local police officer while out on a routine patrol. The officer, Carson Wells, was able to get the child’s name along with her mother’s name out of her and once he located the family’s address, went to take Skylar back to her mother. After getting no response when he knocked several times on the apartment door, Wells found the door unlocked, and assumed that was how the toddler got out. He found Marie Hanson laying in a pool of her own vomit and coked out of her mind. The apartment was also a horrendous mess, garbage and old food piled up on every surface as well as clear evidence of drug use and paraphernalia. Marie was cited and arrested on site with child neglect, endangerment, abuse as well as a long list of drug related charges. Skylar was removed from her custody and placed in the foster care system.

Skylar was taken in by a foster family named Turner, Nick and Rachel. They had no other children, though they had wanted them, and had taken in foster kids from time to time. Skylar was adopted formally within a year of her being taken in, and her birth name was legally and formally changed to Skylar Turner, though as she got older she preferred to be called Skye. Fortunately for Skye, she was young enough at the time she’d been taken from her birth mother to really remember too much about her or the way she’d lived prior to living with the Turners, whom she always considered her real family. Skye knew she’d been adopted by the time she was old enough to really understand what it meant, but she never ever felt that she wasn’t Nick and Rachel’s real daughter.

She was a bright and lively, intelligent child, doing well in school and had a good-sized group of friends. Skye was probably close to six or seven when she discovered dance and begged her parents for proper lessons. They saw no reason to deny the request as he had good grades in school and very rarely gave them any behavioral problems. From the first lesson, it was clear to her parents and the instructors that Skye had a strong natural talent for dance and movement, able to pick up even advanced moved rather quickly.

Between school, friends and dance classes, the years passed by, moving Skye from the life of a child to the ups and downs of being a teenager. Just after her fourteenth birthday, Skye began noticing things about herself that weren’t like the other girls she knew going through puberty. At first, she thought the mood swings were being caused by hormones now that she was becoming a young lady, and there was a point in time where her parents thought there might be something going on that related to her birth mother’s background with mental illness. The way she’d yo-yo back and forth, and sometimes very quickly, suggested she might be bipolar, but after visits with specialists and tests, that was not the case. One doctor took blood and had it run through a genetics lab to see if there were any indicators for possible mutancy. The lab work came back positive for the X-Gene, showing that SKye was in fact a mutant.

The emotional rollercoaster that she was experiencing on a daily basis was due to her being an empath, an ability where the mutant senses the emotions of others around her. She was able to sense them and though she didn’t realize it at the time, was also able to influence them as well. She just thought that she was really good at helping her friends calm down if they were upset or at helping others get motivated or excited about something going on.

Skye also discovered that she bore the ability to heal others. One of her friends accidently cut her hand on a broken glass beaker in science class, and while Skye was examining the hand to see how bad it was, she and her friends at the table noticed that the semi-deep cut to Tracy’s palm was closing and healing on its own. They might have thought that Tracy was the mutant if Skye hadn’t realized that while she’d been checking her friend’s hand, she was also somehow linked to the other girl’s mind and was feeling the pain as if she’d been the one with the cut.

Needless to say, the moment both of her parents were home from work that day, Skye told them what had happened. Though she was using dance and yoga as a way to vent and control the excess emotions around her, sometimes it wasn’t enough and she was being overwhelmed. The next morning at breakfast, Nick told his wife and daughter of a school in Westchester County. It was a private school being run by a man named Charles Xavier and it was for mutants only, helping them to control and train their abilities. The prospect of attending such a school was discussed by the family as a whole and it was decided that if Skye was accepted by Professor Xavier, she would attend.

After meeting with the distinguished wheelchair-bound gentleman, Skye was immediately offered a place in the school. That was in 2011 and Skye was only fifteen. The Xavier Institute for Gifted Students was more than a place for mutants to get help with their abilities. It was also a fully accredited high school, so Skye transferred over to it from her old school. It was also a live-in school, meaning the students and staff lived on campus, though they were allowed to go into the city. Skye used her weekends and school holidays to stay with her parents.

The world was changing, and the view on mutants began to darken. In 2015, the Evolutionary War broke out. The mutant Magneto led attack after attack on the humans, losing countless numbers to both sides. The war continued, leading to a Sentinel sanctioned by military forces that attacked the X-Mansion. This attack was only days after one of the larger battles between mutants and humans where several of the X-Men lost their own lives. During the Sentinel attack, the mansion was completely destroyed, students were killed as was the Headmaster, CHarles Xavier...or so the world believed.

Skye was one of the very lucky ones, surviving the attack with the protection from another student. When it was over and it was clear to come out, Skye began searching the ruins of the mansion, searching for any signs that anyone but her had made it through. She discovered that Professor Xavier hadn’t been killed like the news was reporting, This was something she kept secret, telling no one that Xavier was still alive. She helped him through the next few years, taking care of him as she thought of him as a grandfather. She was also fully aware of everything that he was doing in secret, doing whatever he needed or asked of her. LifeLines was created from the Charles Xavier Memorial Fund and was used to help mutants, offering legal, medical and general support to those in need.

In 2019, Charles began to finally show his age, both physical and mental, and it was determined that he didn’t have much longer to live. Between Charles, the OMA and a few other agencies, plans were made and put into progress. A new school has been built, though it was located at the base of Mt. Ranier in Washington state. Beneath the mountain lay another secret, another base for a new team of mutants that would eventually be brought together to help keep the very thin and fragile peace that exists between mutants and humans.

One of the most important aspects to the new school, named the Summer’s Academy, and the newly built underground base was a computer-created holographic A.I named Maximus. It was Max as Skye affectionately calls him, that realized that not all of Skye’s mutant abilities were being used. For whatever reason, her telepathy had remained dormant but has since been unlocked by Max and Charles as Skye is needed to help other mutants using a newer version of Cerebro.

Charles only has days left to live, which breaks Skye’s heart as the older man treated her like his own and even helped her way of an anonymous scholarship, to send her to college. Skye is in her final semester of school...barely months away from achieving her own dream of becoming a teacher so that she can help others the way that she was helped herself.
EDUCATION: 2016-Current: University of Washington, Seattle

2011-2015: The Xavier Institute for Gifted Students--Westchester County, New York

2013-2015: Brooklyn Academy High School--New York City, New York
SPECIALTIES: Dance--Skye is a trained and highly talented dancer. She's focused on becoming as well rounded as a dancer as she can be, taking classes in several types of dance including; ballet, tap, hip-hop, ballroom (both traditional and Latin), contemporary as well as a few others.
HISTORY: Character Created - September 6, 2014
Character Assigned to X-Men: Frontline - September 6, 2014