Lilija Mackenzie

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NAME: Lilija Mackenzie
RANK: General -- Member
: Students
SPECIES: Mutant / Atlantean
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
HOME: Reykjavik, Iceland
INTERESTS: Singing-Lili learned early on that she had been gifted with a lovely signing voice. It's strong, clear, pitch-perfect and powerful.
FAMILY HISTORY: Lilija is the only child born currently to Namor, the Sub-Mariner, King of Atlantis. Like her father, she is an Atlantean/mutant hybrid. Her mother was human, or mutant rather, from a small town near Reykjavik, Iceland. Lili doesn’t know much about her mother and that part of her father’s life beyond the fact that he loved her. Lili’s mother, Anna, was a mutant, which is where Lili herself inherited the gene. Unfortunately, Anna’s body was not physically strong enough to withstand the pregnancy that occurred as a result of her relationship with Namor, and she died just after Lilija was born. She was able to name the newborn girl Lilija, meaning Lillies, as her skin was as pale as freshly bloomed lillies.

Namor brought his infant daughter to Atlantis, having no other choice but knowing that she would not likely suffer the same discrimination that he had as a child. He had long ago been accepted by his kin and so would his tiny daughter. She was doted upon, loved with every ounce that her father had in him, but along with that undying love, came the responsibilities of being the King’s daughter.

Despite being a Princess, Lilija was expected to serve in the Atlantean army, bound by honor and duty to protect the underwater city. From the time she could walk, she was trained in all forms of combat, underwater and on land, and in several forms of weaponry. She was also given a top-notch education as were the rest of her peers. During her teenage years, Lili became more involved in the day to day affairs of Atlantis, often sitting in with her father during important Council meetings. It was then that she learned of the alliance with Professor Charles Xavier and his X-Men.

During the Evolutionary War that broke out between the mutants and the humans, Namor and his Atlanteans stayed out of it, content to go about their normal lives beneath the surface of the ocean. It wasn’t until 2019 that King Namor decided to get re-involved in the land-dwellers affairs. Unlike most of the world, Namor knew that Charles Xavier had survived the attack on the mansion and was alive...for now. He also knew of the new school being built across the country and of Charles’ dream to build a new team of super-heroes.

Lilija was sent to the mainland, her first time ever to the surface, to attend this new Academy, her father full well knowing that she would be a fantastic candidate for the new team. Even though the school wasn’t slated to open until August or September, Lili arrived in early July, knowing that she’d need the time to acclimate to the surface world.
EDUCATION: Up until she was sent to the newly established Summers Academy in Washington state, Lilija was schooled alongside her Atlantean kin. As King Namor's daughter and heiress to Atlantis, she was expected to have an exemplary education in all subjects.
SPECIALTIES: Lilija is a warrior through and through. Since she could walk, she was taught to fight and how to defend her homeland. She was among Atlantis' top fighters and is highly skilled in several forms of weaponry including sword, dagger, trident, polearm as well as a variety of others. She is also highly skilled in utilizing these weapons in underwater combat as well.
HISTORY: Character Created - September 14, 2014
Character Assigned to X-Men: Frontline - September 21, 2014