Teon Macik - Feral

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NAME: Teon Macik - Feral
RANK: Civilian -- No rank.
EMAIL: corinthi@xxxx.xxx
: Students
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6'4"
WEIGHT: 214lbs
HOME: Ukraine
INTERESTS: Over the years, Teon has developed a fascination with art and music, both appreciating and creating. His artistic work, which spans a variety of mediums, is very well regarded in the artistic community, and he's sold pieces for tens of thousands of dollars. His odd behavior is considered delightfully eccentric by art lovers, and his gallery showings are always well attended.

While a gifted percussionist, Teon doesn't tend to make much music or sing. Rather he lives in awe of those who do. He attends all manner of live performances, from opera to death metal shows, and delights in finding new sounds. He doesn't care for recorded music. Perhaps his keen hearing finds the sound hollow, or perhaps he just wishes to witness the act of creation. Regardless, he has no interest in Ipods or HiFi systems.
FAMILY HISTORY: The Maciks are conservative Azerbaijani people living in the Ukraine. They always knew Teon was different, although just thought him simple. As he grew older, the simple boy got more and more aggressive, until one evening, when his father tried to beat him, Teon threw the man through a wall and ran off into the night.

Teon lived as a feral child for 3 years before being found by the XMen and brought to Xavier's. A year later, when his parents discovered what had happened, they sued to get Teon back. It's uncertain if they truly desired their son, or just wanted Xavier to pay them for the boy. Regardless, the legal action failed when Teon took the stand and gave an articulate, impassioned speech about who Xavier's school was the right place for him.

He's not seen his parents since that day.
EDUCATION: Teon received little formal education until he was identified as a mutant and brought to Xavier's. There, he was an abominable student. His mutation and general disposition made it nearly impossible to teach him anything he didn't require for survival. Math, history, literature? Forget it. Even more physical training was largely lost on him. His instinctual fighting style was more natural and effective than any martial arts training he received, and he lacks the patience for sports.

Despite all of that, there are times where he'll demonstrate the rare bursts of savant like intelligence, as if all the lessons he overheard are still floating around in his mind somewhere, ignored, rather than forgotten.
CAREER HISTORY: Teon has never held down a job, really. When he was brought into the XMen school, he was little more than a wild animal, and while he's grown somewhat more human over the years, he's still not someone HR would want to hire.

Instead, he lives as a artist, with a loft apartment in a refurbished industrial area.

The closest thing to a job he has is as an occasional troubleshooter for LifeLine. His abilities make him uniquely suited for search and rescue operations in hostile territory.
SPECIALTIES: Teon's mutation enhances all levels of his physicality. His senses are much more acute, with the eyes of an eagle and the scent and hearing of a hound. He can lift around three tons, leap 20 feet into the air, climb like a monkey, and run as fast as a galloping horse. He can recover in days from an injury that would lay up a normal man for weeks, like a broken leg.

Mentally, his mind operates at a hyper instinctual level. While not much for civil niceties, that mindset allows him to view the world in simple, highly efficient terms. He knows, from moment to moment, the action that will give the best results for his own survival or the survival of his pack. If he could explain how the practice works, he does not. For him, it is just how the world is.

One nice side effect of that primitive mindset, is Teon is largely immune to telepathy. An empath can still sense his emotions, and a telepath can tell he's around, but he registers more animal than man. He is subject to effects that would control animals.
HISTORY: Character Created - September 20, 2014
Character Assigned to X-Men: Frontline - September 21, 2014
Character Removed from X-Men: Frontline - January 30, 2015