Rylan Kane

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NAME: Rylan Kane
RANK: General -- Member
EMAIL: rulesforbeinghuman@xxxx.xxx
: Students
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 150lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
HOME: Nelson, British Columbia Canada
INTERESTS: Just your average teenage mutant:

Interests: Video games, climbing, late 90s electronica, girls

Dislikes: Bad breath, being hunted by anti-mutant gangs, girls who think they never have to pick-up the bill.
FAMILY HISTORY: Father: Kenneth William Kane

Mother: Joan Margaret Kane

The current whereabouts of Rylan's parents are unknown

CAREER HISTORY: Typical Clothing: While being evasive Rylan sports mostly temperature appropriate combinations of wilderness fatigues suitable for going unnoticed in the western Canadian wilderness. However, Rylan is most comfortable in dark cargo pants, a wife beater, and his black trench coat.

Uniform: n/a

Powers & Skills:

Description: Line of sight teleportation. heightened reflexes, dexterity, stamina, and stealth. Skilled at evasion. Rylan can teleport by transforming into light and moving between two visible points at 186,000 miles/sec. While his added physical prowess is not a direct result of a mutation, his body has adapted and grown beyond standard human athletic abilities to support the superhuman feats involved with teleporting around heights and leaping from, trees and rock faces.


Strengths: Rylan is young and brings alot of energy to the task at hand. He is adept at hit and fade style attacks as well infiltration ops.

Weaknessess: Rylan does not do well in hand to hand situations as he he is not combat trained and could be described as a bit skittish. Often his instinct is to run even if the situation might not warrant it. Rylan has been on the run and remains hyper-vigilant and hyper-aroused. While his physical strength and stamina may run high as an in shape adolescent, his powers drain him quickly also making the use and reliability of teleportation uncertain. His lack of skill mastery leaves him vulnerable to miscalculations in teleportation as well as unexpected results when transforming into light.

Additionally, his teleportation ability may be hindered when there are dense refractory particles in the air such as extremely high humidity, fog, or on the off chance that he's caught in a sand storm.

Skills from Training: During his short stay at St Jude's Christian Wilderness Academy For Boys he did receive some disciplinary and leadership skills, as well as survival training. The good majority of his evasive skills were cultured from the drills he underwent which he had to quickly adapt to survive the harsh mountain terrain he escaped into.


Overall Demeanour: For the most part Rylan is a what you see is what you get sort of guy. He sees himself as static and has yet to experience any big changes in himself to show him that his image of himself and the way he sees the world is completely open to change. This makes him very matter-of- fact about things he feels strongly about and can be a bit defensive to hearing other points of view because he thinks he has the world figured out. Rylan is fiercely loyal and has no qualms at showing his devotion to those he feels are worth the fealty. However, he is extremely emotional and falls victim to his own egocentricity. He takes everything personality and often allows himself to feel betrayed. Rylan can be his own worst enemy.

Dislikes: Bad breath, being hunted by anti-mutant gangs, girls who think they never have to pick-up the bill.

Birthplace: Nelson, British Columbia

Prior Team Affiliations: none

Current Occupation: none


Age 0: Rylan is borne to Kenneth and Joan Kane, a reasonably well off Christian upper middle-class small town family. Ken owns a local electronics store while Joan makes her living as a full-time psychiatric nurse at the local ward.

Age 13: Rylan's powers emerge while hiking around the woods near his house. He reveals this to no one and instead spends an increasingly longer amount of time out in the woods attempting to hone his abilities. Knowing his parents Christian hard line on things that they would only be able to describe as abominations, he keeps his mutation a secret from his parents.

Age 14: While all hell is breaking loose in the larger centres around the world, things stay tense but mostly undisturbed in the small town of 10,000. There is a fair bit of suspicion of neighbours and a occasionally rising tension erupted into small situations around suspicion of mutant identity but Kane remains under the public's radar. Rylan's parents suspect he is sneaking off into the woods to hide a drug habit or something else that they might consider sinful. Finally he is caught by his parents who follow him and take it upon themselves to help protect him from his sinful mutant ways by sending him to St Jude's Christian Wilderness Academy.

Age 15: (under construction)
HISTORY: Character Created - October 11, 2014
Character Assigned to X-Men: Frontline - October 14, 2014