Elda Jarok

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NAME: Elda Jarok
RANK: Starfleet -- Ensign
EMAIL: Meushell@xxxx.xxx
SIMULATION: Shattered Universe
ASSIGNMENT: Assistant Security Officer
DEPARTMENT: Ghost Rider - Tactical and Security
SPECIES: Romulan (62.5%) / Risian (37.5%)
AGE: 32
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6″ (168 cm)
WEIGHT: 138 pounds (63kg)
HOME: Ioka (Mirror Universe)
INTERESTS: • Tries to find other Iokans in a similar situation as hers.
• Tries to find information about Ioka.
• Sews
• Cooks
• Friendly
• Talkative
• Outgoing
• Honest
• Impulsive
• Lonely
Father: Nirok*, 3/4 Romulan, 1/2 Risian (itching pox)
Mother: Asta, 1/2 Romulan, 1/2 Risian
Step-Father / Uncle: N'Vek
Sister: Embla*, 10 years older, (age 4, unknown illness). Died before Elda was born.
Adopted Brother / Cousin: Ansgar*, 5 years older (age 14, itching pox).
Sister: N'alae, 4 years younger
Sister: Kelda, 11 years younger. N'Vek's daughter.
Brother: Khoal, 14 years younger. N'Vek's son.
* Deceased. Age indicates age at death, followed by cause of death.
Note: The use of terms like "adoption" and "half" are for clarification. It would not matter to Elda. She would, for instance, refer to her fathers as her "first father" and "second father."

2143 - Risians leave Risa aboard the ship, Aspen, seeking out a new home.
2148 - Romulans leave Romulus aboard the ship, M'Lek, to colonize a new planet.
2150's - Both groups land on Ioka.
2202 - The two groups discover each other. Fighting ensues.
2250 - The two groups make peace.
2258 - They make the final step from working together as two colonies to working as one colony.
2299 - A second village branches out. It is the first of several new villages to form.
2364 - November 13, Elda is born in the hamlet, Aspen. (age 0)
2374 - April, an itching pox spreads through Aspen, crippling the village. Elda's father and brother dies.
2374 - May, the survivors move to the village, M'Lek.
2374 - July, Elda's mother remarries. (age 9)
2384 - November, rite of passage into adulthood. (age 20)
2389 - A tear in space connects Elda's universe to another.
2390 - November 20, captured by marauders.
2390 - December 21, rescued by the USS Centaur.
2396 - Transfers from the Centaur to the USS Ghost Rider.

Due to the Terran Empire's reign, Risa felt threatened. While the government swore to its people it could keep itself from being conquered by trading freedom for all the pleasures it had to offer, many Risians still fled out of fear. In the 22nd century, one particular group used the ship, the Aspen. After equipment failure, they were forced to land on an unknown planet.

Meanwhile, the Romulans set out colony ships to various distant planets. One such ship, the M'Lek, headed for a planet that the Romulans called Ioka. All those aboard the ship knew that once they left Romulus, they'd be on their own.

Both landed on the same planet, and it took about fifty years for them to discover each other. Neither side knew for sure who came first, but fights quickly broke out. The two groups even took to raiding each other. After nearly another fifty years, due to the fighting and dangers from the planet itself, both colonies have suffered heavy causalities. Both leaders realized they needed to work together if either side was to survive.

By the time the mid-24th century came, the two species had integrated into one society, forming various villages. By this time, most Iokans were of mixed blood. They were raided from time to time, not by any particular group, but usually by pirates and marauders who wanted to take advantage of the isolated planet.

Elda was born in Aspen, a small hamlet that had been named after the original Risian ship. They remained in contact with other villages through trade, working/hunting together, and marriage. Elda and her siblings were trained as warriors and hunters. With the fights against the marauders and just surviving, Elda had a lot of work at an early age. However, she was raised with a lot of love and joy.

When she was nine, an itching pox spread through the village. Many died, including Elda's father and brother. The village was crippled, but the village, M'Lek, welcomed in all the survivors. Elda herself survived the disease, but she still has a few faded scars on her face and body from scratching. Her mother remarried soon after, to Elda's uncle. It was a marriage of convenience, but they grew to love each other.

Nearing her 20th birthday, Elda began her rite of passage into adulthood, a hunting challenge. She finished a few days after her birthday. She was marked with the ja'risia. The ja'risia was once a small tattoo or gold disk worn by Risians that marked adulthood. By this time, however, it had evolved on Ioka. It was a tattoo over the forehead and nose, and it was given to all young adult Iokans, regardless of species.

In her twenty-sixth year, one of the raiding parties captured three people, Elda, Grete, and Lai. They were kept in a holding area, and Grete quickly died. Not knowing it at the time, Elda and Lai were taken through the passage to a new universe. A month after capture, the marauders severely underestimated the power of a Starfleet vessel, the USS Centaur. The Centaur promptly won the battle and found the captives. Unfortunately, Lai had been injured during the battle, and he did not survive the injuries.

Unable to return home, Elda had no choice but to begin working with Starfleet. They were the only hope that she might be able to return home. Put into security, Edna was trained on the Centaur.

After several years, she was transferred to the USS Ghost Rider.
EDUCATION: Childhood Years
Elda wasn't given a formal education, and most of her childhood education was taught by her parents.

Starfleet Training
Elda learned all she needed to know aboard the USS Centaur.
CAREER HISTORY: USS Centaur (2390 - 2396)
• 2390 - Rescued and begins working aboard the ship.

USS Ghost Rider (2396 - Current)
SPECIALTIES: • Hand-to-hand Combat
• Weapons - Knives and Phasers
• Survival / Hunting Skills - She's able to navigate, find food, make shelter and fire, etc.
• Cooking - She can make good food with very little.
• Sewing

• Romulan - Written and spoken. Accented compared to Standard Romulan.
• Iokan Risian - Spoken. A different dialect than Standard Risian.
• Iokan Sign Language - What started out as hunting signals became part of Iokan society.
WEAKNESSES:• Blunt / Honest - She's easy to read, which makes her lies transparent. She's honest to a fault, even if it'll offend others.
• Engineering
• Leadership - She can work on her own, with others, or under others, but she's not one to lead.

OOC Note:
• The images used for Elda is Cynthia Addai-Robinson and "Ember" from Dungeons & Dragons.
HISTORY: Character Created - November 16, 2014
Character Assigned to Shattered Universe - November 18, 2014