Conrad Eugene Thruston III (Trey

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NAME: Conrad Eugene Thruston III (Trey
RANK: Civilian -- No rank.
: Students
AGE: 16
EYE COLOR: Crystal Blue
HOME: San Diego CA
INTERESTS: Flying, gymnastics, survival, boys, reading
FAMILY HISTORY: Conrad, or Trey as his is known to his few friends, comes from a very rich family, who’s wealth has been passed down from multiple generations. There are a number of businesses with the conglomeration that make up their holdings, but most of them, like arms dealing, are questionable at best. The newest business that was acquired about six years ago was a company called GenX. As the name applies they are a genetics company.

Conrad Eugene II, like his father before him was a ruthless businessman, but he took things a step further and began secretly experimenting on his own son. After all, his son had always been different. Good at gymnastics, but not particularly sociable, except with a few close friends.

At 14, Trey, who had been struggling with his sexual identity, came out to his parents. To say that they were not supportive would have been the understatement of the century. His mother tried to be somewhat supportive, but was overruled by her husband.

Trey was not thrown out of the house to fend for himself, as bad as that may have been. He was reported as missing and the genetic experiments were accelerated. His DNA, which had already been tampered with was fused with the DNA from various birds of prey.

This was a very painful process that put an enormous strain on his young body. and it took several attempts before things finally took.

He had been friends with Jarin Hoper since they were in the same private grade school together and as they got older they realized that they wanted to be more than friends, that they were not only drawn to boys in general, but each other in particular. When Trey went missing, Jarin never gave up hope of finding him. Eventually Trey was able to get to a cell phone and send a message to Jarin who helped him escape from his family and the two knew that their Romeo and Romeo relationship had to be done on the run. So they ran away together to go to Xavier’s school.

EDUCATION: Elite private schools until two years ago, then a tutor
CAREER HISTORY: This is the beginning of his career, he is only 16
SPECIALTIES: As a result of a pseudo government sanctioned experiment Trey's DNA was fused with those of a number of birds of prey. This altered his body dramatically and gave him a distinct appearance and some unique abilities.

The first power to emerge was heightened eyesight. He has excellent visual acuity with 20/5 eyesight. In addition, he has binocular vision. Binocularity allows for stereoscopic vision which in turn allows for determination of distance. When he compares the slightly different images from the right and left eye his brain automatically determines the distance to the object. And he can use binocularity to develop a sharp, three dimensional image of a large portion of his view.

In addition he has four types of color receptors in the eye. Which gives him the ability to perceive not only the visible range but also the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, and other adaptations allow for the detection of polarized light or magnetic fields. This is due to the many photoreceptors in the retina (up to 1,000,000 per square mm, against 200,000 for humans), an exceptional number of nerves connecting these receptors to the brain, and an indented fovea, which magnifies the central portion of the visual field.

Then his wings began to grow. They are a darker brown than his hair with a few even darker specs populated throughout. They are thin and tapered at the end and he can fly at up to eighty miles an hour. They extended about a foot above his head and extend down to his lower calves and are about five and a half feet long, giving him an eleven foot wing span. He cannot fly in a closed space, or where there is not enough room for him to maneuver. Also, if the wings get wet it can slow him considerably and if he falls into a pool, or other body of water, the wings can even become a liability. He could even potentially drown.

When not wet, they are highly maneuverable and can even be used as something of a shield against normal attacks.

His bones are hollow which makes him lighter, but also makes him more susceptible to injury. His final power or ability, is retractable claws or talons. In the air, or flying he is a formidable able to attack his opponents by flying past them and raking them with his talons, use his speed to run into them in a literal flying tackle.

Out of the air he can still be dangerous because of his fledgling martial arts training, but he is much less of a threat in those cases. He has great reflexes and agility and is an acrobat.

He is almost constantly eating, usually for meals plus snacks each day and must consume large amount of calories because his metabolism is very rapid.

HISTORY: Character Created - January 24, 2015
Character Assigned to X-Men: Frontline - February 5, 2015