Jazza Tamzen

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NAME: Jazza Tamzen
RANK: Starfleet -- Lieutenant
EMAIL: cameramonkey25@xxxx.xxx
SIMULATION: Star Trek: Onimaru
ASSIGNMENT: Chief Engineering Officer
AGE: 32
HAIR COLOR: light brown
HOME: Trillus Prime
INTERESTS: He has an affinity for bladed & staff weapons, which has led him to develop a liking for Klingon culture. Tamzen likes to spend his spare time in quiet activities such as reading, building scale miniatures (which his crew mates are constantly amazed at the detail & the patience required) & holo-photography. He also enjoys the outdoors & piloting small craft. He likes "ancient sci-fi" movies from all cultures.
FAMILY HISTORY: Both parents are teachers- one in elementary education, the other is a Starfleet Academy physical education teacher. He also has one older brother (who died a few years ago), one younger half-brother. His parents reside near the Academy in San Francisco, the younger brother is still living on Trillus Prime.
EDUCATION: Tamzen grew up with a fairly normal childhood. Both parents noticed a slight talent for spacial acuity in his early years. Encouraged by this seemingly newfound talent, Tamzen tried to get his hands on any flight simulator he could.

At 15 years old, he got the chance of a lifetime when a friend of his father (a Starfleet Academy flight teacher) got him some time on an Academy flight simulator. Feeling rather cocky, he tried to do the mission with as much flair as possible to impress the teacher. Unfortunantly, he failed the mission miserably, "killing" himself & two other crewmembers. The teacher said the one thing that would change his life: "We don't need hot dogs like you in Starfleet." Severly depressed still a week later, Tamzen resolved to combine the best of what he wanted (to be a pilot) & the "hot dogging" he loved to do. Tamzen graduated Starfleet Academy with good grades (not perfect, but good) in the command track with an emphasis on Conn Operations.
CAREER HISTORY: After his first assignment aboard an Excelsior class vessel, Tamzen decided to move on to another ship to increase his abilities. He did serve a brief stint on a Centaur Class vessel (USS Yawgoo, NCC-919119), which he enjoyed very much due to it's low profile & ability to "squeeze thru" situations other ships can't.

His third posting was an Intrepid variant Blackstone Class ship. On a particularly risky rescue mission while flying the recovery shuttle in retreat from the local inhabitants, Tamzen made a slight error in trying to modify "on the fly" a set of complicated evasive maneuvers, which resulted in the shuttle tearing itself apart from the stresses involved. Tamzen was the only survivor.
This had a catastrophic effect on his psych & his ability to preform at the Conn. After finally realizing that his actions at the Conn weren't what they were, Jazza voluntarily request reassignment to Engineering. The choice might be subconscious, Starfleet counselors note, as Jazza feels a need to be far away from the Conn station, although how he would react in a crisis if his skills were needed are still unknown.

Several years after his transfer to Engineering, Tamzen is mostly comfortable in his new role, though he still under-performs in relative relation to his performance at the Conn. Now a capable officer, he doesn't consciously think of "the incident", but it can easily come into his thoughts if anything even remotely related is talked about in his company. His mood darkens visibly & he retreats inside himself to a degree. His general mood is lighthearted & fun & the crew agrees that Jazza is a reliable & fun person to work with, taking his life a bit more seriously now that he's in his early 30's.
SPECIALTIES: Tamzen in his younger years was, most kindly described as, an erratic but brilliant starship pilot. His first posting wouldn't have lasted long, due to his love of flair, if it wern't for Tamzen pushing the ship into very odd maneuvers that ended up saving the ship in combat early on in the posting. Some crew members swear that Tamzen literally made the ship dance through an impossible volley of oncoming torpedos. His Vulcan CO noted in his permanent record that Tamzen's operating skills are "quite varied, possibly dangerous, but unique enough to give him some latitude"; then ordered the inertial dampeners & structural integrity upgraded.
HISTORY: Character Created - January 17, 2017
Character Assigned to Star Trek: Onimaru - January 20, 2017
Promotion on Star Trek: Onimaru - June 16, 2017 - Lieutenant from Ensign