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General Guidelines for Simulations

During the simulation, there are a few general conventions that are followed. Here is a listing of a few of them along with examples. The examples will be written as if they are a full line in a chat room. The name of the person does not have to be typed. It will show up automatically.

    FOR MOVEMENT, enclose your actions with double colons. Example: Ens Thomas: ::pulls out his phaser and fires::

    FOR NON FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION, begin you sentences with +Taps+, {S tap} or +NAME (of person you're tapping to!)+ to indicate that you have just tapped you comm badge. Example: Ens Felson: +TAPS+ Away Team to Excelsior. We're ready to beam up.

    FOR AWAY TEAM DUTY (Abbreviated AT), Please place a @ [or other symbol as designated by your hosts] in front of all your sentences. Example: Ens Q14: @ My tricorder is picking up signals due south.

When you first come on board, it is usually a good idea to begin all you sentences with <(Your Post)>. This helps other members of the group identify you and what position you are assuming. This is usually only necessary for the first couple of weeks. After the crew gets to know you, it is no longer needed and you do not have to continue the practice.
Example: Firing Phasers, CAPTAIN.

The remaining guidelines will be established on whichever particular ship you are on. Each ship is run differently. Be sure and follow the Captain's lead. He/she will let you know how he wants things run.

We thank Sierra for the use of this simulation guide.