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Membership Rules

1.) The Chain of Command (respecting and following the orders of a host) is important, please respect the people in the positions of authority.

2.) Attendence is mandatory. Attendance is defined in the FSF as participation in a simulation. While each simulation may have a different expectation to the amount of time you can miss away from a simulation, the general FSF rule for attendence is 'six strikes within six months' and you're gone.

3.) The sim hosts have complete control over plot, crew, and progression. The FSF is not a free form organization, but player input is welcome. Follow this established line and do not stray without permission.

4.) Members must obey established protocol regarding non-sim activities such as recruiting (do not recruit in public gaming rooms), mass mailings, hosted chats, discussions, and others. It is your responsibility to know and follow them.

5.) Don't seriously injure or kill any other character besides your own, unless it is a non-player character (NPC) or you have permission from the owner and player of that character. If it's not yours, don't break it. This is important. Discuss it with your host(s) if you're unsure.

6.) No foul language. If the word was not said on a Star Trek television show, do not say it in your logs, in a sim, or any other place in the FSF. Also, being in character and swearing is one thing, harrassing other members is another. Use your best judgement.

7.) If you and another character are romantically involved (or any other type of adult situations), please censor anything that may be considered inappropriate. This applies to logs for chat simulations, and posts for email and message board simulations. There are young people on the simulations. Let them decide for themselves what you are doing.

8.) Each mission for each sim has been thought out and derived after some serious thought. Each host has plans for the simulation. Although it is the players that define where the plot goes, the hosts have every right to nullify a post or statement in a simulation. You are expected to know how far is too far and to understand somewhat where a mission is going before you post. Do not make major plot changes, or invent or destroy elements of a storyline without consulting the host(s) of the sim first.

9.) Every member of the FSF is expected to obey and follow all non-sim and sim related tasks their hosting staff asks of him or her. Duties that do not pertain to the sim, but to the FSF (or may pertain to the sim) such as logs, recruiting (do not recruit in public gaming rooms), and ship maintainance must be carried out in a timely manner. We are a team, and teamwork involves everyone.

10.) All members of the FSF have made a committment to this group and to their simulations. Until he or she resigns their commission, all FSF members are to keep themselves informed and up to date on policies, rules and regulations. Changes to these regulations are announced, and any changes are expected to be followed.

11.) Members are expected to put the stability of their sim above themselves. If a player wishes to file a complaint about the hosts of a sim, the state of the sim, or resign because of events on the sim, they need to do so in a professional and polite manner. If the simulation suffers from the player due to malice or malcontent, then that player is violating this rule.

12.) All members and all characters must be registered in the Account System, which can be done through the Application for Membership for the initial account, and "Add a Character" in the Account System for any additional characters.

13.) A player's email address must remain active for the life of their membership to the FSF. If a member requires a change of email address, they can do so simply in the Account System. Any account that has an invalid email address may be terminated from the FSF.

14.) If you break any of the above rules, you will resign from the FSF or take responsibility and accept the punishment given to you.