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What is a sim? What is the FSF?

          Welcome to the Federation Sim Fleet. We are an interactive group of simmers and role players on the internet. We've got a strong family spirit and we enjoy what we do. This group has been on the internet since March 7th, 1993. We consist of over 30 sims through e-mail, IRC, AOLIM, and AOL. A team of Community Leaders has created online chats for members and non-members to come and enjoy common interests.
          The group has five fleets (Delta, Alpha, Omega, Epsilon, and Gamma), and many guilds (non-sim activites like chat guilds and medical and security guilds) that call the FSF their home. We are growing with several hundred members, and more joining everyday. This online organization is non-for-profit. A lot of information is available on the web at www.sb254.com, our website. The website is organized into several clean developed systems. We've been working day and night to make sure this website comes to you in the form it is now. You can ask questions by sending mail to anyone in the staff area, but we think you'll find your way around quite nicely. Have fun, and enjoy what we have to offer.

What is a sim?
          A sim is short for simulation, or rather, role playing game. You have the chance to role play a character in a game that has been developed and is run by its hosts (people who run the games). Simming is much like acting in a movie or play. A sim is based on a real life movie, or television series, or timeline, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, or even the World War II area. You assume the role of a character in one of these genres, for example, if you were doing a Star Trek sim, you would most likely be a Starfleet officer upon the ship. In the sim, you would be in complete control of this character. You would control what your character thinks, says, does. Of course, there are certain guidelines that must be followed within the sims, as well as a set command structure to be followed, but the rest is up to your and your imagination. You have the chance to role play a character in a game that has been developed and is run by its hosts. A character develops his life, but you start it by the creation of a biography. The bio is a brief listing of general things like name, age, description and personality. We have a detailed biography form for you to fill in if you need help.

How do I join?
          Well, you've taken the first step to doing it. If you are taking this course, you are already in the FSF. In order to join the FSF, you only need a few simple things. One thing that you require is an email address. If you are on AOL, it is your screen name and @aol.com . If you are not sure of your address, look at an email someone sent you. Your address is in the TO box. If you don't have email, you can set one up at http://www.yahoo.com The next thing you need would be a good imagination. We all here make up characters and role play them with other people JUST like yourself. You are expected to make some time every week and devote an hour or more to role play. We require you to have fun, if you are not having fun, please tell us. We would rather see you happy than confused. One of the final things you need is a finished biography. Once you create an account, log in, you will be able to create a character and write your BIO!