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Writing Sim or Live Sim?

Writing Sim or Live Sim?
This guide deals with the main difference between a sim that goes through email and message boards or using AOL chat, IRC chat, or AIM chat. We'll cover the main differences, the amount of time and effort to put into either, and everything you'll need to know about Secouria. For all main purposes, email sim info applies to both email and message boards. AOL Chat applies to AOL chat sims, IRC sims, and AIM sims.


What is it? E-mail simming is a great method of simming for people who don't have AOL, AIM or IRC or a lot of time to sim regularly.
How to: Posting methods vary from ship to ship but in this section you will find examples and rules to follow.


  • Always put IC: or ON: before you start typing in character and OOC: or OFF: when you type out of character and before your signature.
  • Spell check if you can.
  • Specify who is who, avoid the use of pronouns such as he or she. Use character names to clarify.
  • Specify time and place of the post if it could be questioned, <location, 0000 hours>
  • Include your signature.
    Rank Character Name

Methods of Posting: Either of these methods are acceptable.
  • Past Tense Method:
  • In this method you type the entire story in past tense. If a character says something put it in quotes and end with so and so said.
    Example: "Zena?are you serious? You can't go down there!" Obe said.
  • Actions are also written in past tense.
    Example: The away team beamed down to the planet and looked around.
  • Action Method:
  • In this method the story is typed in present tense with character tags in front.
    Example: Obe> Zena?are you serious? You can't go down there!
  • Actions are put between a two pairs of colons (::)
    Example: Away Team> ::Beams down to the planet and looks around. Begins to scan the area::

  • Do NOT kill, seriously injure or disrupt a character without that person's permission.
  • Do NOT give unusual orders for the command team without permission.
  • Do NOT write in a serious plot development in the mission without permission from the Captain. I.E. No destroying the ship or enemy. No intruders. Stuff like that.

Types of E-Sims:
Slow: Slow e-mail sims require less posting and run slower than fast sims. They are more suited for people who have less time online but still want to be in a sim.

Fast: Fast sims post a lot more than slow sims and the time passes quicker. They are more suited for people with time to make more posts and read more posts.

Examples: These are short?posts should be longer.

<Captain's Quarters>
"Come." Zena called.

Bren walked in. "Captain, here's the report you asked for" he said handing her a PADD.

"Thanks Ensign." Zena said taking it. She glanced over. "Very good. Dismissed."

Bren nodded and turned to leave. "Thank you for the opportunity you gave me Captain."

"You're quite welcome Ensign, good luck on the mission." Zena said.

Bren nodded and left.


Ensign Bren
USS Firewall

______________________ OR ______________________

<Captain's Quarters>
Zena> Come!

Bren> ::Walks in:: Captain, here's the report you asked for. ::hands her a PADD::

Zena> Thanks Ensign. ::takes PADD and glances over it:: Very good. Dismissed.

Bren> ::nods and turns to leave:: Thank you for the opportunity you gave me Captain.

Zena> You're quite welcome Ensign, good luck on the mission.

Bren> ::nods and leaves::


Ensign Bren
USS Firewall


What is it: Chat sims are simulations that meet in a chat room. Usually, between 10 to 20 people show up to a room, each assuming a role they've been given, a role that is of a character they make up on their own. They perform tasks and obey orders and follow the sim plot by contributing to it as it goes along.

How to: When you are assigned to a sim, you are given a post. Whether it be OPS, Assistant Security, or Transporter Operator, you play your task and not any other. You take orders from your direct superior, who is usually a department head, or the Executive Officer. Some sims use tags, which are a label for your position in front of everything you say, but some assume you know who everyone is, and you use each others character names. All actions have special symbols, which will be discussed in a later course.

  • Know who your direct superior is. You'd look pretty odd reporting to the Chief Engineer if you were assigned to Medical. If a person asks you a questions, or asks you to speak, then you should talk to them, but unless its necessary, talk to people using the chain of command. The CO or XO don't want to hear about plasma coil problems in jeffries tube C-beta, but they do want to hear from the Chief Engineer when there is problems with warp or EPS power systems.
  • Do what you are assigned. Follow orders. If you neglect what you should do, then the sim might fail. Everyone must play their part. You may not like your job in the beginning, but as you learn more, you can do more.
  • You're not super human. You don't run the sim and you don't have borg implants causing your body to walk through walls. Please, keep the level of magic down to being smart and doing your job well.
  • Use the format of your sim. If you use tags on the ship, make sure to use the tag, or the name of the person you are talking to. Not everyone can read your thoughts.
  • Use your symbols and make sure what you think you are doing is what everyone else thinks you are doing. If you are chatting over a comm link, make sure they know by using the =/= symbol. If you're on an away team, don't act like you can talk to the bridge like you're in that room, use the comm, and so on.
  • Write your logs. A sim is never enough. The crew is expected to write additional logs and such to further the storyline and create character interaction. Log creation will be covered in the future.

    Methods of Posting: (Ask your Commanding Officer which one they use!)

  • TAGS
    Tags are symbols that display your position. Examples can be <CMO> for commanding medical officer. When you talk to someone, a typical tag might look like this: <CMO><CENG>. This goes before anything you say. If you ask the Chief Engineer for something, an example might be: <CMO><CENG> Lt. Cashew, you ought to stop breaking new cadets' noses. We might put out a bad reputation.
    No tags usually are meant for sims that have an experienced crew. No tag sims are very common on sims with a large crew, and sims that have been operating for over six months. Some examples are as following:
    Don, I've been working on the plasma conductors, and the computer locked me out. *or* @ =/= T'Kal to the Captain, I need an emergency beam out!
  • Follow Orders
  • Follow the ACTION statements by the Room Host.
  • Do not hurt, maim, kill, or ruin another person's character without their direct permission
  • Keep the sim to the rating of the game, usually G or PG-13.
  • Keep things fun, and always, make it fun for others.
  • If all else fails, ask your direct superior for advice before you act.

    Types of Chat Sims:
    Slow: Slow chat sims require at least one hour of simming a week. They are more suited for people who are new to the game and those people that want to sim, but don't want it to be too complicated. Slow sims are fun too.
    Fast: Fast sims are for those people that like to write, and for those people that are interested in fast plot development. It's easy to get lost, but the sims are very fun. Fast sims usually have 17-25 people on the crew with most showing up to the sim. Fast sims are usually advanced sims.

    Examples: These are short blurbs. For more examples, ask your tutor.


    DrTomBoyce: ::To Marie:: Help me move him to the Morgue
    FSF Ann: +Doc+ Understood. I hate that when that happens.
    PPKHans: <TXO> ::glances backward as he starts to enter the shuttlebay:: None at all. All I know is
    PPKHans: that the sensors picked up life down there.
    Romquos: ::turns on starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan databases::
    BSB1342: Yes sir
    DrTomBoyce: ::Activates the wheels on the stained biobed::
    FSF Kate: <::Hopes that she's never in sickbay when they're overstocked on lethal drugs::>
    FSF Ann: Mike, let me know when they are ready to leave.
    Slate Rage: :::walks through the corridor and comes to the shuttlebay doors:::
    Romquos: ::results negative::
    Slate Rage: {S Door}

    ______________________ OR ______________________


    VAlbastV: <CNS> ::grabs a phaser rifle on the way::
    Golfer5663: Voice> Somewhere out of reach of the others.
    Happyday37: <CENG><1ae> come ::goes to the bridge::
    CmLKawalas: <XO><CMO> And?
    Happyday37: <CENG> ::stuns all the bridge crew::
    VAlbastV: <CNS><CENG> what happening
    Golfer5663: <TAC> ::Floats into air::
    Happyday37: <CENG> <cns> what does this look like??
    Golfer5663: <TAC> ::Floats down... toward the Galtuch::
    LtJg JDias: <CMO><XO> And, that virus has affected your nervous sytem, you might never walk again
    KITSLM: <1ae> ::Runs to helm station:: Looks like we're going after the tactical officer.
    CmLKawalas: <ACTION> Gaulthch ship hails again >>>
    VAlbastV: <CNS> ::enters the bridge::
    Golfer5663: <TAC> ::Appears infront of Happy and VAl::
    Golfer5663: <TAC> ::Grabs phaser rifle and points it at Happy:: Don't move.


    For more examples, feel free to visit a sim by contacting its hosts and requesting a guest status.