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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct (CoC) applies to all hosts in the Federation Sim Fleet, either active or on Leave of Absence. This document will serve as the rules of behavior for FSF hosts.

Hosting Pledge

  • I pledge to provide safe, fun stable and quality hosting to all games, chats, discussions, and events that I may run now or in the future.
  • I pledge to keep my name, my event's name, my department's name, and the FSF name in the highest light for all things large or small.
  • I pledge to work to achieve group goals and agree to never prevent any work or progress toward these goals by any means.
  • I pledge to respect my supervisor, my fellow hosts, my fellow simmers, and the chain of command for as long as I am a host.
  • I pledge to not abuse the services and resources provided to hosts, including but not limited to, staff tools, mailing lists, message boards, or chat servers.
  • I pledge to obey all group rules and guidelines, including these below and all others stated in the FSF Charter.

Conduct & Responsibility

  • Hosts must remain active for the lifetime of their hosting tenure unless on a pre-approved LOA. This includes retaining an active email address that is checked at least once per week.
  • Hosts must act professionally and responsibly during group events and while using group resources.
  • Hosts must attend at least fifty (50) percent of all staff meetings. Absences must have prior notification.
  • Hosts are required to perform their duties and responsibilities as detailed in the Staff Duties & Responsibilities document.
  • Hosts must remain active in the group community, which includes participation in newsletters, message boards and group events.
  • Hosts must be active and consistent on their games or chat events. Absences must have prior notification, but persistent absences are not permitted.
  • Hosts are required to use pre-approved 'FSF' prefixed email and screen names for all correspondence in relation to all hosting responsibilities.
  • Hosts are required to submit monthly reports on hosting duties, which are otherwise known as Simulation Reports. Non-sim hosts are required to submit monthly summaries of duties and responsibilities.
  • Hosts must share responsibility for group-sponsored games and events with cohosts. If an activity has two hosts assigned to it, those two hosts must delegate responsibility.
  • Hosts must take their responsibilities seriously, and in the event of resignation, hosts must resign in a professional manner.