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IRC Procedures & Policies

IRC Procedures and Policies
Created on stardate 90926 (FSF Orion)
Modified on stardate 100427
Modified on stardate 200907 (FSF Merlin)

IRC Network Policies

Only FSF Administration and other key personnel involved in the maintenance of FSF’s IRC sector will be given O:lines (IRC operator access) on the network of choice.

FSF users logging onto the FSF IRC Network to engage in IRC sims or for chatting purposes will still be representing the interests of FSF, and therefore must adhere to the FSF Charter at all times. In addition, the user must simultaneously be aware of network policies and adhering to them. These include:

1: Solicitation/Advertisement of channels, other networks, websites, and other services in private message or in official channels for the purpose of diverting users away from the network is prohibited. This rule may or may not apply to independent channels whose own staff set the rules and regulations of their channel.

2: A user may have no more than 2 clones of their host (domain address) online at a time. A clone is defined as a user who has the identical host mask of another user who is online. One user may have two clones of themselves online at any given time, but no more.

3: Bots may be run by any user who wishes it, however the bot must not run one or more scripts which may be harmful to other users or staff on the network or illicit illegal activities.

4: A channel on the FSF IRC Network may not be made for the purposes of illegal activities (including warez, pornography, terrorism, etc.), bigotry (against race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or ancestry), or activities which may interfere with the operation of the network itself.

5: Denial of service attacks (also known as: Nuking, ICMP, DDoS, SSping) on other users by means of IP address information obtained from the FSF IRC Network will not be tolerated. *

6: Knowingly or carelessly performing an act that will interfere with the normal operations of computers, servers, or processes on the FSF IRC Network.

Consequences for the breaking of one or more of these rules, may include but not limited to, a warning from online server staff, the temporary banning of the user name and IP from the server, the permanent banning of a user name and IP server. Severe offenses will be reported to FSF Administration for further disciplinary actions as they so deem. (Defer to the FSF Charter)

* The terms 'Denial of Service' or 'nuke', ICMP Ping Flooding and SSping (ping of death) describe a type of attack against computers connected to the internet, causing the computer to disconnect or crash. These attacks are a violation of US Title 15 U.S.C. 421 section (a), subsection (c) and are thus an illegal Federal offense. (Maximum fine 4,000 dollars or up to 2 years imprisonment).

FSF Related Policies for IRC

1: All FSF simming channels must mention somewhere in the topic that they are an FSF sim.

2: The creation of additional operators in the channel is completely up to the hosts of the channel. It is recommended that only a sim?s CO and XO be operators during a sim, however this rule is ultimately up to the hosts.

3: It is highly recommended that FSF host nicks pertaining to the IRC realm should contain the syntax FSF_Nick or FSFNick. Furthermore it is also highly recommended that users of the FSF IRC Network register with NickServ to prevent misuse and of your NICK (refer to IRC manual).

4: All FSF related channels should have the modes +nt set to prevent external messages and the unauthorized changing of the topic in the channel.

5: The movement of a sim from AIM to IRC or vice versa must be first authorized by the appropriate fleet command and FSF Administrators. After the required approval, the hosts of the simulations will be contacted and assisted in setting up their IRC channel.

6; IRC sim hosts should have a general knowledge of IRC commands and procedures. Additionally, they must fully understand the IRC policies related to FSF and the host network. The reason for this is to enable the hosts to help the players of their own sim with these aspects without the need to routinely consult administration or the chat guild.

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